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class's/lesson's on lamborghini

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i heard you can take class's to learn how to drive a lamborghin. if anyone knows where i can do this at. please email me at schustbri@netscape.net i live in the sarasota,fl area.

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After a search on the web I found several driving schools which offer exclusive driving lessons but not specificly for a Lambo. None of them are in the Florida erea infact I haven't found one exclusive driving school in the US.

I think your best bet would be the Mercedes driving school in Canada:


They offer a range of exclusive lessons which includes driving in a actual F1 car. They build you up by starting their lessons in a sport sedan and step by step they move you towards the F1. I'm sure that if you can master their lessons, you'll be able to master a lambo.

It's a little expensive, 8000 US dowrah to be exact. But if you can afford a lambo I guess $8000 isn't a thing.

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