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The Hire was really cool!

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I thought that the Hire movie was really cool for a promo. They had great actors and great directors and the cars weren't that bad either. What did everyone else think?

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MercedesBenz 4 Ever

Yea it was ok. The only good car in it was the 330ci but they should of made it convertable. Also it sucked cause there wasnt an M3. 330ci(greatest)! 8)


I haven't seen The Hire yet, but I recieved a promo DVD in the mail for the Infiniti M45 a long while ago that was pretty good called " Born Again Musclecar ". The theme was just a display of how smooth under pressure an M45 is compared to the rough and rowdy 60's musclecars it was racing through the streets with.

The best parts I think are the beginning and ending where the actors interact through smerks and glances. Pretty good bluesy guitar music in there too. 8)

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