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850 Ci

Transimission and turbos 850

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850 Ci
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is there turbochragers or superchargers avaliable for a 96 850Ci 5.4L V12 engine? because im interested in doing that. As well is it possible to do a transmission change to a manual from a automatic? and if its possible, would it involve a LOT of tampering?

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alright. Korman makes a kit that boosts the V12 naturally aspirated to 425hp, which i suppose is decent

dinan made an 850 twin turbo concept car (like 600hp) but I don't think he ever sold the kit

I am sure there are superchargers out there, turbos as well that could be custom fitted to your 850, there are no easy-do it in afternoon kit, a lot of the duct work and mounts would have to be custom made. You could definately do it, it'd just be a little bit of leg work.

no one i can find makes the kit though.

Why is it you want to take out the perfectly good getrag 6spd stick in your car for a slushbox? C'mon WHY?

Well, if you do, it isn't so hard -seeing as almost all 850 driveline parts are swapable to 7 series. You could go grab yourself one of those 5spd ZF Autos off of an auto 850 or 750. You'd also need the tranny mount for the auto. There would of course be the issue of getting the whole swap done, get rid of the whole clutch assembly, replace the stick shifter with the automatic insert (easy). Then there'd be wiring the electronic automatic in - which is where you'd really want to find an automatic 840 or 850 to rip parts out of - and to see how things are done.

It is doable. I don't see why, but with some leg work - sure.


Fox : i guess you mis-read that post a bit, the guy want's to swap from an automatic to a manual.

IMHO that's harder to do, since you'll have to add more pieces (clutch-pedal) but since i don't know much about an 850 i'll just let the experts do the talking here ;)


wow, sorry, i am dense (either that or it was really late when I read that.

My apologies on the explanation of switching from stick to auto (which no one will ever need).

Yeah, easy as pie (relatively speaking) to put a stick shifter in your car. There are some 8 series with stick shifts floating around, but not many. The transmission that would go in your car would be a 6spd getrag manual, it is a pretty easy to find transmission to find, they use it in 540i and 840i/850i. The reenforced 6spd getrag manual put in M5 would also probably something to think about if you are really planning on tuning. It is pretty straight forward though. The clutch pedal and assembly aren't that bad. your car will although display a check engine light forever on after you do this (since the computer is trying, but can't communicate with the transmission computer). Nothing to worry about, just a random detail.

actually, come to think of it, your car has a 2.85 rear diff (as an automatic) as opposed to the 2.63 on the 6spd, so yours with a 6spd should actually be quicker than a stock 6spd - something to think about.

Not more work than its worth, i promise.

850 Ci

ur talkin about the post 95 850Cis with 325 hp right? well tahnks for ur help


yup. What you'd need to go to the stick shifter would be the Getrag stick shifter (like a getrag type D), the bell housing, pressureplate, flywheel, clutch, clutch hydraulics, the pedal, and most likely a new upper driveshaft.

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