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The great RADAR, LADAR and SONAR thread

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Since there is much confusion about how RADAR/LADAR precisely works and what the facts are I've decided to write a few articles about the subject and post them here for everybody to see.

First I'm going to start with a general explanation, continueing with more indepth info on jammers, scanners and police radars, finally ending with a few reasons why you should always investigate speedtickets and why a RADAR detector can be your best friend.

I'm going todo this so that once and for all everybody will know that when you get a speedticket for going 75 in a 70 could mean that there is a huge inaccuracy in the radar equipment. So everybody knows that it is your humanright to own a radardetector (atleast in Europe and all the other countries who signed the Geneva packed). And so you know what to look for when you decide to shop for a detector.

Stay tuned. :)

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radartest.com is a great source. In the united states, the most important factor is Ka band sensitivity. My city, Eden Prairie still uses K band guns, but the minnesota state patrol, as well as most state patrols, and bloomington police, like most larger city police stations use Ka band guns. Ka is pretty advanced and covers a very wide spectrum. Laser (Lidar) is much harder to detect because A: it is only energized for a brief second B: covers a very narrow area - so it is very hard to detect, although it is extremely rare due to very high cost.

I personally use a Bel Express 936 in my 318. We have a Valentine 1 for use in the Porsche/Jaguar. I find that the advanced features of the V1 are nice, like the direction, and the counter helps out in areas where there are known false alarms, but my much much much cheaper 936 does the job for just picking out cops. It has slighly less range, but still plenty.


Sorry guyz, I guess you have to wait a little longer. I have been reall bussy lately, the latenight posts say enough I guess. I just have to put the finishing touch on some animated GIF's.

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