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What do alpina do then?

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Do they modify the engine or the body or what? do they only do bmw's? how come i have never heard of them? why have they got theyre own forum?

(so many questions, so little time)

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Well what they do is take a BMW model and modify/replace/refit everything there is to modify/replace/refit. Some would say they just tune the car others say, including aplina, that they build cars because they redesign the car from scratch.

I like to think of them as tuners because they don't do anything different then Mercedes or Audi tuners.

Altho Alpina has been around for a long while and deserves respect for their work. They have improved upon the perfection that is BMW.

For more info you can look here:



think of alpina as another M. While motorwerks follows along BMW principals in retuning cars, just pushing them farther, Alpina has their own philosophy which they put to work on BMW cars. They work fairly closely with the factory, and typically they do enough to their cars to make them noticably different.


Maybe so, but I don't know if the same thing can be said about the one I'VE seen. Take the "Alpina Roadster", which is basically the Z8. There isn't a whole lot different about it, other than the fact that it has less power (!). They really need to do more to make themselves be noticed. They should follow along the same path as Saleen. Alpina definitely has what it takes to do that type of thing, maybe even make their own "S7".


You people just don't understand Alpinas. Why should they follow the path of Saleen? Europeans mock Saleen!! The S7 is not an amazing car, maybe it is by American standards, but not by European standards. Alpinas are very good cars indeed.


Fiddich, the Saleen S7 is an amazing car by any standard if you take into account the inherent toughness of it's American motor. The S7 is intended to be an " American " style car, able to compete on an International level. If they wanted it to be like a European car, they would have built it that way.

Speaking of Alpina, I always liked the way their big multi-spoked wheels looked on the 7-Series.

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