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wee man

2002 BMW X5

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wee man
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I love this car .I live in a rural part of scotland and any rich man has one of these.Its just a nice car overall and the performance is spot on shame about the waiting list time.Please give me your views on this S.U.V and tell me if theres anythings better than a Bmw X5 :P 8)

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I would say no better SUV exists on earth for sporting driving.

The 3.0L I6 feels just right, plenty powerful and smooth, and is reasonably priced for a car of its substance

the 4.4L V8 car is powerful, sporty, and is a joy to drive through anything, and has an awsome interior.

the 4.6L V8 car is a tour de' force, I call it the M5 of SUVs, and while some say an Porsche Cayanne is quicker and outhandles it, I doubt the cayanne has the naturally athletic feel of this car, plus cayanne is much more expensive. I'd love to have an X5.


The X5 is definitely one of the best, if not THE best. I love it as much as I have nightmares about it at night. I almost got run over by one, and I can tell you, it was like this multi-ton beast/tank was staring me down and just waiting to eat me alive! It looks pretty huge when you're looking at the front of the car from a 14cm "distance". I can't wait to see the X3 (or "X-Activity"). And I hope to God they make the X7. And I think they will. It's just a few people who say it won't be produced, versus the other huge number of sources that say the opposite. Now THAT would be the best SUV on the entire rock, bar-non.

And here's two pics of the X7 and X3 to get other people drooling over it as much as myself:

The X7: x7.jpg

The X3: x3.jpg

And while I'm at pics, why not this pic of the X5 PickUp:

The X5 PickUp: x5pickup.jpg


I owned a 2002 Bmw x5 4.4 and had a full Schnitzer upgrade claimed power was 255kw the equivilent of an x5 4.6IS and ML55 AMG. I got rid of the X5 and got myself the ML55AMG because i had problems with the break paddle even after it got recalled and repaired !!! At first i thought that getting the ML55 was a bad decision ... but how wrong i was. The Bmw did have better throttle response ... but i live in South Africa where i use the cars for extreme off-road conditions and the X5 is defintley no match to the ML55. I also find that the ML55 looks much better i really like this car more than the X5 ... i used to be such a BMW-Freak and never really liked Mercs but now i think Mercedes-Benz is at it's peak, all the new Models look attractive not bulky and box-like and now the AMG's have performance to match the BMW M Models ! So if u want to buy and SUV only bother test driving Mercedes or Bmw ... forget about Jeep or and Japanese Stuff :lol:


An X5 has a viscous coupled awd system, never really intended for heavy offroading, i'll give you that. I don't see how you think an ML55 looks better, but, whatever. An ML55 does have a 2spd transfer case which makes it a more capable offroader. I think a grand cherokee with the 265hp 4.7L is a very fast SUV, and is still very capable with its advanced gerator pump driven all wheel drive.


The Jeep Grand Cherokee with its Quadradrive is an exellent off road car ... it is said that it performs better than the M-CLass and the X5 in offroad conditions. But it just doesn't have the punch i want ... its v8 4.7 powerplant "only" pushes out 190kw compared to the ML55's 255kw and the X5 4.4 210kw. Then comes the acceleration where the Cherokee does well its acceleration time is (note this is in South Africa with 98-Octane Fuel at Sea Level) 8.8 Seconds.

ML55 - 7.55 sec

X5 4.4i - 8.49 sec

X5 4.6is - 8.0 sec

Then come looks ... the Cherokee looks dull on the inside just no european flare :) no navigation, tv, speedshift or full saftey features... on the outside it does look good but cant meet x5 or m-class standards in my opinion. But then again if u look at the price all those comparisions ummmm are meaningless ... these cars are just not in the same category! :)


ok, excuse my lack of metric knowledge, but here are some specs for comparison

0-60 time:

X5 4.6is: 6.1 seconds

X5 4.4i: 6.9 seconds

ML55: 6.4 seoncds

Jeep Grand Cherokee HO: 6.8 seconds


X5 4.6is: 340

X5 4.4i: 290

ML55: 342

JGC HO: 265

So, a grand cherokee with the high output 4.7L V8 may not have the horsepower, but it's 0-60 time is very respectable, furthermore, it easily bests the others in offroading.


i saw the motortrend test x5 4.6is vs. ml55. the x5 beat it and won in almost every catigory


Altho I do not like the BMW style I have to say BMW will beat any engine out there. I think the only SUV capable of beating this one is the Cayenne.


Keep in mind that BMW is planning an M version of the X. Sorta like an M roadster is a Z3, this will be like that. Word is that the now ubiquitous 5.5L V10 may just find its way under the next generation M Utility, giving it cayanne beating power. For now, the ugly beast otherwise known as a cayanne is at the top of performance.

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