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:evil: My ideal first car (as I'm not old enough to drive yet) would be the very sexy 944 in my opinion the best looking car to come out of Stuttgart but when they go and replace it with the repulsive 968 :o it kinda put me off them altogether for a while but now when the oppertunity is near I can buy my own Porsche I'd go for the 944 but with the 968 turboS engine im faced with the dillema of going for the 968 or the 944 so is it possible to upgrade a '89 944s2 (3.0 new block) to the 968 spec? would you agree the 968 is...crap?

P.S do you think that changing the boxter head lights will make it more 911 than a individual?

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I think the rear of the 968 in combination with a more curvy 944 front would be the best look. As for the engine, I believe they are the same platform, so a straight "engine drop-in" procedure might do the trick. Though I don't know much about these two cars, so I personally woldn't mess with that type of thing. But you can also tweak the engine in the 944 to be equal to or better than the engine in the 968. As for the looks, I persoanlly agree with you when it comes to the front of the 968, it's not "crap" but it's kind'a weird. Back then the round circle head-lights hadn't matured into today's style yet. So it looks kind'a weird and doesn't look as good as the 944's. But then again I don;t particularly like the 944's rear (or the rear of the 968, for that matter). But I think the rear of the 968 is better than the 944's rear. That being said, you're going to choose whichever you want in the end, but seeing as to how your choice may seemingly be the 944, it would be much cheaper to go for the 944 and just tweak the engine. But don't buy an extensively over-worked one, because tweaking the engine from a used car would mean you would run the risk of killing the engine. That's my view on it.

Good luck, and nice choice (whichever you take)!

- izzy

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