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Murcielago Vs Canto Vs Raptor


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Of the 3 designs for the new supercar I liked the Raptor best cus it was the wildest & most outrageous. I find the Murcielago rather boring. I think those electronic wings belong on an Audi, Porsche, or VW, they have No place on a Lambo supercar

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Yes you are right, the Murcielago looks boring in comparison with the Diablo.

The technical difference I can tell you in about 2 weeks. Than I will get a brand new Murcielago for testing. I will post some cool videos.


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murcielago is good car. but i do not love it like diablo.

so, the engine's great, but aerodinamics.

brakes are cool!

but i tuned better on my expirimental diablo.

i think that electronic coolers are not perfect solution.


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