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Ferrari dominates the F1 series, next year......


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This is an interesting suject for me. Next year F1 is going to be soo exciting! Toyota is entering the F1 series and a bunch of drivers are being tossed around. I hope BMW gets their shit together. The begining of this season they showed termindous capibilities. I think toyota is going to to exceptionally well for their first time ever in F1. They have tow great drivers and lots of experience. Wait and see...

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On 2001-09-14 05:01, Shaunt wrote:

Toyota won't accomplish anything for a long while.

But yeah, Ferrari just dominates.

But my favorite is Ralf S., but he keeps losing to his brother and everyone else, =(.

No, see I think you a wrong. Toyota has an advantage. Its not like they have no racing experience. The GT1 is a car that helped develope this upcoming F1 car. Trust me! I am not saying that they will be dominating F1 but they will be no Jag! I am guessing they will be right up their with Mc/Merc and possibly BMW. Ferrari will continue to dominate the sport until the end of the season where BMW will begin to get more wins. Watch and see, I got my money on my word though. Toyota is going to kick some ace!

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On 2001-09-15 17:11, Shaunt wrote:

I don't know, but we will have to see about that Chris, :grin:.

I pray that BMW with Ralf and Montoya start winning some more.

Boy... JM showed termindous capibilities at the begining of the season. Even thoughout it. JPM will do well if he doesnt focus on MS. I think he lost it this season always trying to compete to the level of MS. RS does well though. He is very focused.

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My wildcard for next year the Benneton-Renault. Renault and Williams won everything some years ago. Dont forget Raikonnen taking over Hakkinen but i think Mclaren need some more power. BMW has allready shown they can make the best engines now its up to Williams to get the aerodynamic.

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I have heard rumors that BMW will soon go solo in F1 racing, ditching Williams as a partner. I think this is a great decision and that Ferrari will soon have a fight on their hands. I have always thought of BMW aas the greatest automotive engineering company, and Formula One is the ideal setting for them to display their prowess. They already have the best engine in the sport; the best body and chassis can't be far behind.

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