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Chevrolet Avalanche

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Da ich mich sehr für amerikanische Geländewagen interessiere, wollte ich mal den neuen (2007/08 ) Chevrolet Avalanche ansprechen:


Quelle des Bildes: caradisiac.com

Leider finde ich über den Wagen keinen Fahrbericht, daher würde mich interessieren, ob ihr und wenn ja, welche Erfahrungen ihr mit diesem Wagen gemacht habt. Wie ist das Fahrverhalten, die Bremsen, der Komfort, die Geländegängikeit etc.

Ich persönlich finde das Auto vom Aussehen her super! Ein klassischer amerikanischer Monster-Truck :wink: sieht super aus, scheint viel Stauraum zu bieten und was sicherlich für den europäischen Markt interessant ist, man kann auch Ethanol tanken.

Dieser Thread ist dazu gedacht, alles an Bildern, Infos und Meinung über dieses Auto loszuwerden...


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Hier hab ich dir was..

Driving Impressions

Chevy did more than merely re-skin the Avalanche for 2007. Substantive and substantial work under the hood and to the underpinnings has delivered a new Avalanche improved in virtually every respect.

Most remarkable is the upgraded ride and handling, with especial emphasis on the handling. A new design for the front suspension coupled with rack and pinion steering, replacing the somewhat archaic recirculating ball system Chevy has been using for decades, has transformed the Avalanche's directional stability and responsiveness to steering inputs. Fully boxed frame members increase stoutness without adding mass, giving the suspension a more solid base from which to manage ride dynamics. It all works.

Steering is more crisp than casual. Occupants suffer little head toss over moderate pavement heaves. Body lean in corners is much less than in last year's Avalanche. Firm brake pedal feel returned controlled stops, even when a green light at an intersection occasionally seemed to jump directly to red, compelling a hurried stomp on the pedal. At such times, a diving front end was the dominant suspension dynamic.

There's less wind buffeting in the open-air configuration than you'd expect. For this, credit those flying buttress-type, angular diagonals behind the cabin, which channel most of the bluster back to the rear out over the bed.

The Avalanche is a workhorse for routine hauling. The bed is designed to take abuse and offers a 1,355-pound (615 Kg)payload rating.

The 2WD model offers an 8,000-pound (3630 Kg) towing capacity (200 pounds less than last year's model), while the 4WD model offers 7800 pounds (3540 Kg). We haven't towed anything with the Avalanche yet but it feels extremely stable and we're confident it'll make an excellent tow vehicle.

The re-engineered, more powerful engines deliver adequate acceleration, very linear. This is a heavy truck and we wouldn't call it quick. The transmission changes gears smoothly, although kickdowns for merging onto freeways or overtaking slower traffic bordered on lackadaisical. Power is up 25 horsepower over last year's model.

The popular 5.3-liter V8 is rated 310 horsepower and 335 pound-feet of torque and gets an EPA-estimated15 /20 mpg City/Highway (15L/ 11.75 L). It's mated to a four-speed automatic.

The only disappointment came in observed fuel economy improvements versus those promised by the engine's high-tech controller. One element of this computerization enables the engine to run on either regular gasoline or E85, a mixture of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline, or any combination of the two. Another, the Active Fuel Management feature, electronically converts the V8 engine to a V4 under light load. Our test time with the new Avalanche did not include access to E85. But over the 300 miles we put on the Avalanche in the week we had it, miles split about evenly between interstate and local surface streets, we achieved 14.4 miles per gallon (16.3L). And this was without ever towing anything or hauling anything heavier than a week's groceries. As for the Active Fuel Management feature, which electronically transforms the V8 to a V4 under light load, the telltale in the dash information display indicating V4 activation appeared only on downhill grades or while coasting, most often to a stop. This isn't all that surprising, actually, given that engine power drops by more than half in V4 mode.

link: http://www.automotive.com/2007/43/chevrolet/avalanche/reviews/driving-impressions/index.html



Finde ich zu langweilig,

der GMC Sierra Denali bietet viel mehr fürs Geld:


-permanenter Allrad

-die neue 6-Gang-Auto (der Avalanche nur 4-Gang!)





0-96 km/h in 6,3s

0-160km/h in 16,6s

Spritkosten bei Betrieb mit LPG auf 330i-Niveau.

Kostet fertig hier ca. 39000€. Man beachte die Serienausstattung:-))! . Kostet in D alles extra (z.B. Volleder, elektr. Sitze, 2. Musikanlage hinten mit Kopfhörern, beheiztes Lenkrad, Start per Fernbedienung, keyless go etc. etc.)

Bei Interesse bei mir melden, bin da selbst dran. Bei zweien geht vielleicht noch was;).



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