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Chunk load of new options for E60 2006


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BMW is preparing to offer a chunk load of new options for the E60 5 series as of 2006.

First they will be offering xDrive in the form of 525xi and 530xi. xDrive is ofcourse 4 wheel drive.

One Individual option to have the speed limiter removed will also be available but if you opt for this you won't get warranty on the engine.

They will start offering Night Vision and High Beam assist. For more info go here:


A start/stop button which is standard on the 1 and 3 series will also become standard on the 5 and 6 series.

Active Cruise Control will also be available as an option for all cars. ACC is the same as MB's distronic. For more information:


Besides the start/stop button BMW will offer comfort access as an option, comfort access is basicly the same as MB's keyless-go.

Besides these mayor options they will also start offering smaller things like sirius digital radio, digital TV receiver, BMW assist, etc. etc.

BMW Assist is the same as MB's drive assist. It offers options like:

# Emergency call/automatic emergency call in severe accidents.

# Mobile support service.

# Real-time traffic information (not available in the US)

# Mobility-based inquiry services covering numerous points of interest.

Here's the 2006 5 series brochure with all the options listed in it:


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all this stuff is crazy. if i had the dough stacks i know i would appreciate all of it after taking a month to learn it all.

thats a pretty heavy 'gotcha' for removing the speed limiter.

why dont they offer xdrive with the higher powered models?

Good question as to why they don't offer X drive on the V8 models. But I assume it could have something to do with no disrupting the sacred BMW 50:50 weight distribution. But speaking of the V8 model, new for 2006 also is the 550i. The 4.4 liter V8 of the 545 has been bumped to 4.8 with a resulting power increase to 360 hp. and 360lb.ft.

The ironic thing is that most of that new stuff will probably go unused by most consumers. You think they have the time or willingness to learn how all that junk works - heck no! :o The start button seems a bit contrived.


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