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The "14 Guests" Phenomenon ...


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Have you ever popped into the Carpassion home page, looked to see how many people were online, and saw 14?

I have, so often that I decided to create a thread about this curious phenonenon. 14 Guests is by far the number that I see the most. It might be 13 guests, and just one member logged in, but that makes 14 people on the site. The number 14 always comes up in some way. Of course it's not the only number you see, but it happens a lot, at least when I'm on.

Check it out sometime, it's trippy. :o

In the science of numerology, which is about numbers, and the occult way they influence things, 14 rounds out to 5. A number representing versatility, progressiveness, independence, and exploration. I'd say Carpassion is a bit like that.

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schau doch mal hier zum Thema Zubehör für Verschiedenes über Autos (Anzeige)? Eventuell gibt es dort etwas Passendes.

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