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BMW M3 vs. Subaru WRX


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Which one would you pick in a 0 to 100 MPH battle ??? I think the WRX 0 to 60 is 4.8 or 4.9 sec and the M3 is 5.2 sec (not sure if this is for the coupe or convertible). I think the M3 with SMG should win because of the reduced paddle shifting times. Any opinions ???

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The BMW M3 is 4.8 for 0-60 mph in stick shifted coupe form. It can be as slow as 5.3 for the convertible with the SMG. I'd give it to the M3 all the way, the M3 has tenacious top end and keep in mind that while the M3 can press to 176mph unlocked, a WRX is done period at 142mph. The WRX has nice launch, but the AWD and lack of top end catches up to it. It can hold it's own to 60, but the amazing M-Motor just comes into its own at speed.

Depends on the conditions of the race, and the trim of the cars. WRX STi vs. M3 convertible - up a hill, I might favor the Sub. It's a 0-100 race so max speed does not matter too much, they can both hit 100.

On a flat dry track, M3 coupe vs. WRX, I would give it to the Bimmer.

i would definetely go with the m3, the sti may launch well, but past 60 the m3 would use its brute force and pass the sti. especially if it is a 6 speed coupe. i think that the cab would be closer but the m3 cab would still come out victorious.

i was using the terminal speed to illustrate that the subaru runs out of steam at high speeds whereas the BMW does not. A manual M3 coupe would take even the STi to 100 in everything except rain, snow, or mud.

And thats' where the racing conditions come into play. One reason why the WRX is a rally legend, and you would never see an M3 in mud unless it slid there. Fundamentally very different cars.

In the past they have M3 rally cars. So just because It's an M3 doesn't mean it would be outdone.

But i'm sure ya'll are talking about stock cars, so yeah racing conditions matter the most.

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having driven an E30 on snow and mud and gravel, I can tell you that it is by no means an all terain vehicle. Off road- where the terrain is uneven, the trailing link rear suspension's less redeeming point come out. It is fantastic on even pavement, but simply doesn't handle bumps well.

AWD isn't neccesary to off road well.

Someone needs to go teach the boys in wolfsburg about basic physics. I gave credit to the engineers from ingolstadt, but it seems they've forgotten too. Everything the VW group makes has atleast half the engine sitting fore of the front axle. It is not actually possible to make a car with that much weight ahead of the front axle NOT understeer. Most of the engine in the bentley GT sits forward. In contrast, BMW sits their engines completely aft of the front axle. Keep in mind BMW is also a fan of the long inline six, so it's a challenge for them to do it, but the fact they do it shows how important it is.


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