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clutchless shifting.....

g-unit marko

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anyone have problems or blown any tranny componants while shiting without the clutch

and if anyone has a motorcycle wat are some tips on clutchless shiting because i am looking into buying a motorcycle

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Depends on watchu specify as clutchless shifting. There's 2 types that i know of.

One, was on my '02 blue eclipse had the auto tranny with manual shift mode..

It had next to no lag durin shifts and when u pressed up inna gear it engaged right away.

Now the other is the F1 clutchless shiftin like in the M3 and F1 360 Modena.

So far my friend has had one problem with his 360 Modena F1 missing a couple of shifts for no reason but he had it fixed and said it was no big deal.

He could jus tell it skipped a gear but i dunno how it could do that but oh well.

That's all i know of.

" Clutchless shiting "? Whatever you say. :wink:

I would think that malfunctions with those types of tranny systems would be fairly rare now that they are more common, especially the " manual-auto " style like Porsche's Tiptronic and BMW StepTronic or the one on Skyline's Eclipse and countless others. New technology on the market usually has a few things to be worked out, but I think you could buy a car equipped with this sort of thing in pretty good confidence, especially if it's covered under warranty.

no no no i know about the F1 style because i have a SMGII M3..... It is not a tranny type, its just a manual gearbox that when you shift the gears you dont use the clutch. The only time you will use the actual clutch is 1st going into 2nd. I heard of it in motorcycles but not in cars until a couple of days ago when me and my friend were driving in his corvette and he asked me if i could do clutchless shifting right. :roll: I had no idea it was possible . You just need to do your timing right and just move the shfter into the gear at a specific time. The shift time is incredible.

For all intents and purposes, we'll call the " F1 style " a type of tranny, because in a way, it is.

Are you talking about shifting a straight manual without using the clutch? Thats' the first I've heard of that. I wouldn't make a habit of it though, sounds like Russian roulet with your gears.

I understand why it is called F1 shifting. But yes , I was talking about a straight manual without using the clutch. It is not bad at all for the car if you do it right and if you dont then iyou will run into problems. I dont need to do it because I have the F1 style in my car. Now whenever i get into a chevy I shift without the clutch. When you get the feel for it it comes easy so dont try to learn on an expensive car. Get an old chevy Z28 which is what I did . I bought a 1992 Z28 and having a blast just changing gears :lol:

It still seems like you're just asking to have your gears stripped. Not a safe practice, the clutch is their for a good reason. Although, I can see how it could be fun in an inexpensive car, like a powerful beater you use to mess around in.

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