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Official Release Dates for Mercedes Benz Models


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I have managed to not only get a hold on some very good inside official information with confidential model release dates, but I also managed to get a copy of the list of model releases for the next couple of years, and I'll list some of the more interesting ones: Oh, and I also got confirmation that there will in fact be a CLS 65 [with the SL 65's twin-turbo AMG V-12], and I put an order in for one today (Even if for some crazy reason Benz changes their mind and it ends up being a CLS 63, I still want one). 8) Benz has contacted dealers and given the thumbs up it seems, but it looks like by the time it gets here it will be either a 2006 or 2007 model, and it will come at a good time to go against it's prime competitors such as the next-generation Porsche 997 twin-turbo coupe and M6 coupe .... it seems logical for the car to maybe be a good 15k to 20k more than an E55, so maybe the price will be between $110,00 to $120,000 hopefully.

Ok, so anyways here's some good data in no particular order:

July 2004: Official deliveries of U.S. CL 65 and SL 65 cars begin. These will be VERY limited production. Approx. MSRP will be $185,000. :o

Mid July 2004: Official arrivals in U.S. of SLR's.

August 2004: All-New SLK 350 and SLK 55 AMG arrive in U.S.

Late October 2004: G55 Supercharged arrives in U.S. as '05 model obviously.

First Quarter of 2005: All-New ML 350 and ML 500 arrive in U.S.. First ones delivered will be 4wd at first.

First Quarter of 2005: All-New GST Class (7-Passenger SUV) arrives. Will be more expensive than an ML, and will be 4WD.

First Quarter of 2005: New CLS arrives. Will be priced between E and S Class.

January 2006: CST (Small SUV) Launch. This will be a front wheel drive vehicle. (I guess this car will be made to compete against BMW X3 and Lexus/Acura small SUV's ??)

First Quarter 2006: The all-new ML gets its AMG-spec car, and will be called the ML 63 AMG. :o

Second Quarter of 2006: All-New G Class is lauched. It will be totally new car. :)

Fall of 2006: SMART car line is launched in U.S. :-?

Interestingly, no info was indicated for official release dates of all-new S & CL class. :evil: :x

Oh, one more thing: Today while I was at the dealer I drove a new SL 600 twin-turbo V-12, and it was much much faster than any new 55 car I've driven or stock twin-turbo 911. The seat of the pants feeling I got while stepping on the accelerator was unimaginable, and I still can't believe how fast it was. I had the top down, the car was black on black with AMG body and Michelin Pilot Sports, and it was brand new and handled beautifully, really impressed me a lot more than I thought it would. Beautiful fit and finish quality, everything was jewel-like or vault-like with Nappa leather and Alcantara covering everything, beautiful wood grain, just awesome .......Totally amazing car ... I have vastly more respect now for the SL's than I even did before. I have read a lot of conflicting stories on the new SL's online and in magazines, and today's drive just threw out the door almost all negative comments on the car. It seems that nothing can replace actualy driving a car before placing serious opinions on it, so I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend anyone that has the chance to drive one even if it's just for one minute ... it will change your views significantly ...... it rocketed forward with so much thrust from any speed that it seems unreal .... I can't imagine how fast the Renntech 650 horsepower version or the Vath Motortechnik 718 horsepower version is ..... :o:o

My SL 65 comes in this coming Spring, and the CLS 65 not until looks like couple years after that, and I can't imagine how fast they're gonna be .....its crazy .....

Oh, and something else really surprised me: Every time I floored the accelerator from a stop, there was hardly any wheel-spin, and I thought for sure that the tires would spin out of control due to the huge torque reserves, so it must have been the smart computers running in overtime, or those tires were mighty sticky ... I believe on these cars on the back tires they're 285/35/ZR-18, correct? I think that's right ...

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July 2004: Official deliveries of U.S. CL 65 and SL 65 cars begin. These will be VERY limited production. Approx. MSRP will be $185,000. :o

I think you mean CL65 and S65 not SL. The SL65 just got officialy introduced a few weeks ago and according to Mercedes they won't start EU delivery untill model year 2005 which means at it's earliest December 2004. I can't imagine when the US delivery is going to start.

They're going to start taking delivery of the CL65 and S65 in a July. There are a few of them running around here in the EU. And like you said it's a very limited production car so if you US people want to stand any chance of getting one you should order one rightnow. Only 200 of each is going to make their way into the US, which means only 1 for every 1,451,712.77 US citizen. They're going to cost around $200k depending on which model.

So you're dealer accepted your order for a car that still has yet to be officially announced? Okay. Hope you didn't put any money on that.

New Mercedes, new Mercedes, who cares? What is really cool will be the U.S. introduction of the Smart cars. Even if they can't help but try to sell a another stinkin' mini SUV here, hopefully the Smart recipe will transfer well here. The trick for them will be not exploiting the Smarts' and selling them as cute commuter toys for the middle-class. In other words, going against what they are supposed to be - very simple and economical transportation. Cars like the New Beetle and the Mini are simply expensive toys, unlike their predesessors.

I saw the actual release dates on a confidential print-out of an e-mail written to the select list of people in charge of ordering cars for U.S. benz dealers. It was information that is not known outside of that circle. It looked very legit and real to me. I suppose I'll take it by its word unless I see some other data which is very accurate and contradicts what I read. I also managed to get a copy of most of that e-mail on paper, I have it sitting next to my computer now .....

I just typed what I saw on the paper ...

As far as ordering the SL 65, the info confirms that it will be released in the U.S. way before this coming December. Mine is not coming until next Spring, so at least I know for sure mine will be a 2005. :P

And as for the price, the info specified a base price MSRP of $185,000 for the CL 65 and SL 65, ... I didn't see anything about the S65, which is weird actually ... :roll:

And as for the CLS 65, I got confirmation that it will be made also ... ofcourse there's always a chance the info might not be 100% accurate, but I did put a deposit down for one anyway because I want to be one of the first people in the U.S. to have one shipped here. :wink:

As for the SUV, I agree we don't need another gimmick car, although there will probably be a lot of people who will buy it anyway. :roll:


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