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Could somebody help me to translate this into german?


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I would need some help by a german or someone that has an A in german. I got a B myself (thats a 5 of 6) and Im having an speech tomorrow in front of my class. I WOULD REALLY APPREACIATE IT!

IT HAS TO BE DONE BY TOMORROW THE 25TH OF MARCH! PLEASE HELP ME!T :cry: his is what I need translated:Dont use translator-programs!

Gumball 3000

Im going to have a speech about Gumball 3000.

Gumball 3000 it's a cross country drive where only the most expensive and exclusive cars participate, that goes through Europe and USA. A guy named Maximillian Cooper, is the superior head, because he is the one that "invented" this race. He encourage people to uphold the speedlimit, but no one does. The first one, wins. He became inspired of the videos Cannonball Run 1,2 & 3. The race goes from London to St. Petersburg in Europe and from New York to Los Angeles in the USA.

There is a certain amount of money, that each competitor must pay to participate in this game and the amount is ca. 100 000Nkr. This is actually a race for the rich people, cause there is a lot of money they have to pay tand they have to pay for their own traffic tickets. There is a lot of people that has an average speed of 300 km\t and some of the cars get inpounded. Some of the people who anticipated in this race, has gotten traffic tickets of over 700 000 Nkr. There is a lot of people that crashes their car too, but they`ve got so much money, that they can just run to the nearest car-salesman and buy themselves a new Ferrari. This is actually true.

When the race wnt through Europe and the drivers were about to drive through Estonia and Lithuania, there was Russian Mobs that tried to kill some of the drivers and take their cars and sell them in Russia, becausethey are so rare. So the drivers had to drive in caravans and stick together so that there would be a minor risk for this to happen. They had to hold 200km\t.

This race has fascinated me for a long time and that is why I am holding my speech about it. The race is coming to Europe again in April and there will be a new route from London to Cannes in France and back.

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Well hold on there billy. You first sentence, it's not a illegal race, it's not even a race at all. It's a cross country drive where only the most expensive and exclusive cars participate. They encourage you to uphold the speedlimit, but hey lets face it, who does?

Well, at the risk of loading this onto someone else, I would suggest sending a PM to Taunus who is a mod on the German side, and seems to be proficient in both English and German. He has helped yours truely with a translation before, and was very gracious.

I'm done with this topic. I translated it myself and it turned out to be very good. Got an A-. :D The reason why I didn't want to use translators, is because the translators translate the direct words. In german, some words are divided, something the translator "forgets".


He called her

Er ruft sie an. (the word anrufen is divided).

These things can't the translators do, but I managed without it. I'll tell you next time I need some help.


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