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Strategies of BMW?


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Hi folks,

I have to do a presentation on the strategies of BMW for my management course. If any one has information on the key strategies, the `STEEP factors` of BMW and/or a `competitor analasys`, please let me know.

If any one has an idea where else I could find this info or has links to sites on these topics, it would help a great deal.

I tried to contact BMW, but the person on the service-hotline had no clue what I was talking about and would not connect me with any one more involved with BMW strategies.

Thanks a lot in advance :lol:

ciao, >Alex<

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Hallo AlexKiss,


kennst du schon Strategies of BMW? (Anzeige)? Dort ist vieles zu finden.


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Interesting project. Do you mean a study of the points they use to market their brand? The strategies they use to convince us to buy a BMW rather than the competition?

I would recommend the BMW corporate website - http://www.bmw.com

Click " BMW Group " then go to " Facts & Figures ". Here you can access their 2002 Annual Report which provides links to things you may find useful, there is something everywhere you look. Let us know if this helps. :)

Did you pick the subject yourself or did somebody assign the subject? Information on BMW's short and long term strategies is concidered a trade secret and I don't think you will be able to find much info about it.

Besides the EBIDTA reports and the investor relations information there isn't going to be much. The best you could do is analyze the EBIDTA reports and try to reach a conclusion from there.

you could easily figure out their strategy, it works excedingly well, and every time it changes it is always just an itteration of what it was before to fit another generation. They always market to what people in their mid 20s find exctiing, attractive, sporty, and trendy. Now it is tech savvy, look at their marketting, it is indie-artsy and techie in approach, they are making very avant garde cars that appeal to people who are just starting their way up in the world, by capturing the flavor of this generation, they paint their brand with the image that they are young, cool, trendy cars, they are sporty, and by having one, you are cool, young, and all that once again, you are dangerous and still sophisticated, you are and image and an icon right out of a magazine if the key in your pocket has the roundel on it. they have kept their marketting set squarely at people in their 20s and what is appealing to them. Look at the early 90s, the 80s, as far back as the late 70s, it has been a flawless approach for them. They have garnered culturaly icon status for themselves. Then again, BMW would never admit such a thing, lest lose the game. :D


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