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Hallo Kevin321,


kennst du schon RMS Z8 (Anzeige)? Dort ist vieles zu finden.


BMW Ersatzteile (Anzeige) | BMW Zubehör (Anzeige)

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You shouldn't take copyrighted stuff off other people's board without asking first, it's not nice. Specially since m5board went to great lengths to get those pics.

Anywayz that Z8 is very cool indeed and they have alot more where that came from. Just check out some of their photo collages.

yeah, it was a mistake, we've all wrongfully jerked some stuff before. as long as they aren't yelling at us, i think it is forgivable. As for the car, i like all the carbon fibre under the hood, like the intake box cover, that looks nice. I don't like the supercharger, the unrefined torque it causes takes away from the refinement of the chasis, making it less predictable and lesser in general. the Z8 is light for how much power it packs, seeing as with deep breathing you can get close to 500hp from it, a supercharger isn't worth the refinement you loose. With 470hp, you are under 4.0 secconds zero to sixty - for sure - and then some, so why supercharge it?

Oh hell, big deal. A good percentage of the pics people post are probably copyrighted by somebody anyway. On the net it's a free for all as it should be. M5board is getting free advertising, so theres' the payment.

I like the look of that Z8, all black and sinister, inside and out. But I agree with Fox about the supercharging.


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