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Rover.. cheap?


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One of the people who works for me has a Rover 620i (dunno what year). It's always broken. First it was the fuelpump, told him to bring it to my dads shop.

Cost: 1100 euro for a new fuelpump

Just for refference, the fuelpump of a random German car costs around 50 - 200 euro.

Today it was broken again. Except 2nd, 3th and reverse it won't go into any other gear. So the guy asked me if I could take it to my dads shop again. From our offices to my dads shop it's almost 40km (highway) which I had todo in 3th gear. While I was driving this thing I noticed several things.

1. The seats where cheap and unconfortable

2. The interiour looked cheap

3. My girlfriends Golf III has just about the same stuff

4. Except for the leather interiour this car doesn't have much extra value

What gives? Did the owner get a bad model or are all Rover's like this? If so I wouldn't want to be caught in one of those.

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I've got a landrover, a 2003 Discovery II HSE. Land Rover is now owned by ford, but a lot of the things on mine are from the era BMW owned them. Land Rover is a little different than rover propper now, but I think the quality on mine is far beyond repraoch. We've got over 20,000 miles on it, no problems, no hints of gaps in quality, everything is perfect, far better than my jaguar, and far better than I expected of a british car.

That's good to here. I like the new Range Rover, and I was thinking about maybe getting one to tool around in around where I live (as it's desert climate). If that was to be an option, I wouldn't put up with lousy build quality. And I'm still not so sure I want to be "tooling" around in the desert in an $80,000 car. But at least they seem to be fairly reliable.

well, it does have a BMW engine with a spotless track reccord. Quality with both the range rover and the disco is highly improved for '03 due to a new production facility. I think if you like british quirkiness of design, the quality is here on this one.


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