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brand new TVR


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looking good :wink: ...it is a masterpiece,actually

The new TVR Sagaris will be seen for the first time ever in the Live Action Arena at Earls Court on the 11 December, 2003 and can be seen until the show closes on Sunday 14th.

The Sagaris is an exciting step on from the T350 on which it is based. While motorsport was already uppermost in the designers’ minds with the T350, the styling of the Sagaris is a direct result of the rigorous demands of the endurance motorsport arena. It will compete in categories where modifications to the road car are limited as so it carries its aerodynamic advantages as standard.

It has a wider track than the T350 for even greater grip and stability and is propelled by the mighty 400 bhp TVR Straight Six engine from the Tuscan S. With an emphasis on lightweight carbonfibre inside, the Sagaris represents the latest in TVR’s thinking on the road racer theme.

The three closest TVR dealers to Earls Court, Racing Green Cars, Castle and The TVR Centre, will be in attendance.

take a look : http://www.pistonheads.com/tvr/default.asp?storyId=7756

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TVRs' are designed by their own inhouse team of lunatics. They probably think they're ideas are really clever, some of them are, yet others are just strange. The back end of that Sagaris is a total mess for example.

A 400+ hp. straight-six, thats' what BMW needs, screw all this V8 V10 stuff. Get back to their roots. If anyone can build an emissions leagal engine like that it's BMW. Perhaps even low emissions.

LateNightCable, I really agree with you on BMW making great engines especially with their philosophy of natural aspirated and compact design with crazy power and torque. God I love their engines, I'd only wish that BMW ended up with Mclaren as their engine supplier rather than freaking Williams. Then Mclaren would be unstopable in 04. It seems that Mercedes Benz's engines engineering just aren't cut it anymore when it comes to raw power when comparing to the BMW engines since they need freaking superchargers and turbo chargers just to keep up in their production cars. WTF is up with that?

Too bad when it came to deciding on a engine supplier for the Team Mclaren F1 it wasn't a one man Gordon Murray decision, hehehe. Best example of this the SLR which is innovational car but Gordon doesn't like the idea of the engine being supercharged at all.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing to hate about BMW's V8s' and even though the V10 has yet to be introduced, I'm sure it will be a stunner.

But from the standpoint of what they built their reputation on, BMW really needs a world conquering straight-six, beyond the S54 M3 engine. More cylinders is the easy way out you know?

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