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New 5 touring


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Hallo Hula-Hula,


kennst du schon New 5 touring (Anzeige)? Dort ist vieles zu finden.


BMW Ersatzteile (Anzeige) | BMW Zubehör (Anzeige)

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Am I the only one who thinks it looks like a E-class estate with a E60 nose?

And ofcourse the guy who took those pictures running from the guard... funny. My experience is that most of those guyz just have a bigbody and really don't know howto fight. Just stand your man wait for him to come close and a well placed punch on his jaw will put him on the ground right away.

I'll agree it bears strong resemblance to the E-Class wagon, but how distinctive can you really make a wagon? I give audi and volvo credit for pulling it off (but volvo has used the same wagon style for a long time and Audi is moving away from wagons).

I don't know. I'm suprised they still make one. They don't sell well at all in north america, maybe they do well in europe?

Wagons do very well over here, it's kinda the ultimate symbol of office guy. Most of them have Opel or VW but some of the richer have Audi, Benz or BMW. THe BM3 Touring is selling suprisingly well, it's giving Audi a run for their money.


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