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6 Series competitor


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So i was just thinking, what arre the competitors to the 2004 645ci

I really couldn't think of anything

the only real one is the maserati coupe GT

keep in mind that it should have 300+hp

under $90k and be able to seat 4

any ideas

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Hallo criminal2275,


kennst du schon 6 Series competitor (Anzeige)? Dort ist vieles zu finden.


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The XKR lines up pretty nicely. It is slated to be redesigned on the new XJ platform next year, which should make it a very good competitor against the 6 and the new CLK. the only difference is that an M6 will own the CLK55 (the CLK55 still retains the naturally aspirated 5.4L V8 making 349hp)

the issue being that CLK is based on the C-Class platform, which is smaller and less rigid than the 5 series platform that the 6 is based upon. There is room to push the M6 before you threaten to impact safety and structural stiffness, the C is pretty well towards its limits with 350hp under the hood. Also, with a supercharged V8, it would be faster than SL55 for less money. Mercedes wouldn't do that would they?


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