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Do you like the look of the new Z, 5, and 7 better than that of the ones they replaced?  

  1. 1. Do you like the look of the new Z, 5, and 7 better than that of the ones they replaced?

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I think the bmws now look far better than any other car in the price and power range.The 3 Series is does look wierd but after a while you see a point to it the new 5 series is the best lookin 5 series ever ,sure people say its ugly if u dont like that buy a Kia.And the Z4 come on that i as good lookin as a supermodel with no clothes on.One thing i dont like is the front of the new 7 series.The Head lights look cheap and nasty and the part where it juts out to forms a bumper is S**T.So Stop sayin that chris bangle has ruined BMW i think hes made then the best lookin BMWs in a while.So get off the guys back OK! :evil::evil::lol:

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the E39 is a far better looking car the E60, ditto with the 7 series, the old ones were more elegant and sporty. The Z3 was classic, Z4 is strange. I've yet to see a spypic of the new 3 i trust, but if he did anything to the grille, i will tweak.

I think my opinion is fairly well shared, let's find out shall we?

i have the feeling that a poll is not the best way to "emphasize" your point, as just by reading the posts in this forum, you can see that the majority of the people wish that they could send bangle off to the far reaches of the universe. Oh well... it'll be intresting to see the result of this poll, i'm guessing that it'll stay above 75% in the NO column...

i cant judge the 7 because they are both so nice.Their equal i think.I think i like the new 5 just a tiny bit better then the e39.The z4 is way better lookin than z3.And i love the 6.I hope he does a realy good job with the 3.

The moon? That close? I'd say at least Pluto!

Anywayz the sentiment on this board equals that of boards across the net. Except for a few here and there everybody hates the designs. And if you hate the pictures wait till you see one in reallife, you'll hate it even more.

not really, same theme, different details. The new 5 doesn't do much for me, but in the right light, the 7 has postiive aspects. the car as a whole doesn't work as well as the old one did, which is too bad, but i find more i can see to like in 7 than 5, which scares me, thinking what 3 may be like.

You know if he botches the 3, there are going to be a lot of angry germans out to kill him right?

hell, not just the bosses at BMW, i think everyone who respects BMW would have his ass.

He has a big job ahead of him in the new 3. there is 0 room for failure.

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I'm pretty good at quietly writing off a brand when it goes South, like Cadillac. As long as the old models are there to keep the dream alive. If Bangle messes up the 3, it's only a matter of time before he's gone. The sales slump will be the proof in the pudding.

but thats the thing. i dont think the sales will drop too much. alot of wealthy people are concerned with image... we all know this. the fact is they will stil buy it because it is a BMW, they think it makes them look good. only us, the car enthusiasts can sit back and want to defecate everytime we see one. i hope im wrong though and they make the bmw pretty again.

I find it's difficult to say whether the new BMW's are nicer or not. They take time to get used to it. The Z and the 5 Series I already got used to, and I like them, but the 7 I'm not that fond of.

And yes, people will buy BMW anyways. But honestly, I think there could be designs to please my eyes more.

The Z4 I prefer over the Z3, the 5?, the old 7 is nicer than the new 7.

I don't see how someone could not have their mind made up as to whether they like a car or not. With me, it's immediate. If I don't go for something, I know why and I know it now. And if I do like something, it's the same. I guess I just have definite ideas of what I want. Other people think a little more experimentally.

Although, I do have quite an imagination :wink: .

Sometimes, people are shocked by something, and it grows on them. If you are so used to expecting one thing, and then something totally different comes out, you don't know how to respond, and once it you get used to seeing it, you can really think about how you feel. I think the Enzo was like that for a lot of people. You didn't really hear any negative or positive opinions when that came out, just a lot of wtf. Now people have accepted it, and now they have made up their minds as to whether or not they like it.

ohhh its even 9-9, maybe the reason why most of the forum is with criticizing the new look of bmw is because its the same people saying it over and over again. the people who do like the designs couldnt care less what the people who dont think, of course there are exceptions.

maybe the reason why most of the forum is with criticizing the new look of bmw is because its the same people saying it over and over again.

Each member can vote only once. This poll has only 19 votes so far, so it's probably not very accurate either way.

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Bangle has some very ugly design studies, but the 5 series and the Z4 is one of his best so far. I like them very much, specially the 5-series cause my father just bought one and is waiting antisipating on the new M5 he ordered. The only BMW I don't like at the moment, is the 7-series. If Bangle only could make it look a bit "smaller" by re-designing it.

But he has done a great job on the Z4 and 5-series.

No doubt.

im not talking about votes latenight, im saying that now most of all the bmw forums are critizing its designs, i know that u cant vote more than once, im jus saying that you would think that the votes would outweigh each other , and i mean like 14 say its no, and 3 say yes, but its because when people write there opinions, some people are expanding on there arguments, critizing more, and it would seem taht teh whole forum hates bmw design now, but its just that its mostly clouded over by people expressding there opionins way more than once. no offense i respect the fdact taht you dont like the defsigns.

his designs aren't great, i think that is pretty well agreed upon, but they show so much potential to be great, and that is why i am holding hope, and am going to support them doing what needs to done to make them really great.


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