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Official photos of real 2004 5-Series BMW

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yeah, well, dealers everywhere are starting to get that car, those pictures show the same car all the previous spy pics have shown.

it really is too bad they bangled that car. My i could get used to it, but am i supposed to get used to a BMW?


Yuck. Forget car sick, a person could get seasick looking at that dash for too long. I agree, one should not have to " get used " to a BMW. I have to wonder whats going on inside the heads of the people who let this stuff roll of the assembly line, do they actually dig this, compared to the trim, porportionate cars they have been building for years??

Oh, it will be a glorious day when Bangle gets kicked off the force! The angels will be singing on high, and the spinning propeller will once again fly in glory :P !


I've visited the Bucharest Auto Show (SAB) today and I saw both the 5 series and 6 series BMW (one week from the Frankfurt show premiere).

To be honest, I was deeply disappointed. The 6-series has strange curves and needs really big tires to look decent, and even then it doesn't look like a great car...just some ordinary big car. Nothing catches your eye. A SL 500 I saw was looking awsome compared with this car.

The 5-series looks even worse. Nothing beautiful in it, and it needs really big tires to not look ugly. The old 3-series next to them was looking beautiful ! I really am sorry...I hope BMW will do something about it soon...:(


i hate having to hear things like that, but i know they are true.

my favorite cars are being killed, BMW is being bangled, Jaguar is being infected with ford, what is the world coming to?

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