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Pics of new updated 7-Series i-Drive & DVD System 4 '04/

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that cars hot man do you own one, or when does it come out if it isnt out, what bhp does that beast kick out and what engine sizes can you get ?



have you posted any pictures of you clk-55 amg or what is that car fast whats the drive like. :-?


Okay you are new here so let me first welcome you to carpassion.com. Like any community there are a few unwritten rules, commonly know as netettique, which you should follow so not only your stay but other peoples stay is pleseant aswell.

1. If you want to add something to your posting, do not make a second post. Use the icon_edit.gif icon in the topright corner.

2. Do not go offtopic too much. For instance this topic is about the new BMW 7 series slated for 2004/2005. What you shouldn't do is suddenly start talking about a totally different subject like the CLK55 AMG which isn't even a car built by BMW.

3. If you want to ask a person personal questions or you want to have a personal conversation with him, use the icon_pm.gif button at the bottom of a post. It doesn't make sense asking a question directed to 1 person in a open community.

that cars hot man do you own one, or when does it come out if it isnt out, what bhp does that beast kick out and what engine sizes can you get ?

No he does not own one because it's scheduled to be released mid 2004 / begin 2005.

For all your other questions you can look here:



I think that the 7-series is the only Bangle BMW that looks alright. The old 7's were very nice, and the new 7's are nice too. The progression in this model seems about as regular as the old to new S class. Unfortunately, Bangle didn't gracefully transition all of the BMW cars, in fact, the 7 is the only that he didn't ruin. I especially like the new 7 in white, pretty classy.


Revised 7-Series will have same engines I think ...

Don't want to get off topic ... but yes my CLK 55 is fast but not nearly as fast as the SL 65 I just placed an order for ....

Hopefully I will put custom everything on that one with Kleemann Lamborghini scissor-style doors, full wide-body package, completely custom interior, custom audio, custom security, remote-control operated door & car-start functioning, engine/exhaust/brakes upgrades, body upgrades, wheels, etc... goal is fastest & best looking SL 65 possible .... guess I'll have to wait a few years on order list for it to come ....

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