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650 HP V10 Audi RSR Cpe Coming 2 US 2 Compete w/M6&CL65

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In October edition of Automobile Magazine, it talks about how Audi has decided to bring a 650+ Horsepower RSR coupe with a 5.0 Liter V-10 (& Audi will put it in the RS8 version of the new A8 Sedan !!) to compete I guess with the new upcoming Bimmer M6 & Benz CL 65 & upcoming E60 (or E 6.3?) AMG 4-Door Coupes & against maybe the CL 65. Audi claims that it will outhandle & out-accelerate all competition from BMW & Mercedes-Benz. Well I guess we'll just have to be patient and wait to see how it turns out. Audi is also going to greatly expand their "S" and "RS" brand range in order to compete head-on with Bimmers "M" range & MB's "AMG" range. Their will be 4 levels of fast: S-Line, S-Line Sport, S-Line SportLine Plus, and then at the top will be all of the "RS" models, including a new Audi TT RS that will have a twin-turbo 400+ HP V-6, and an A5 RS with a 500+ HP twin-Turbo V-8 (which will easily beat the current A6 RS-6). At the top will be the 650 HP RSR, with zero to 60 times in the low to mid 3's and top end well over 200 no problem. Man it's gonna be crazy to see what the aftermarket tuners are going to do with the RSR.

This German horsepower war is getting seriously crazy & out of hand no joke. When will it stop? Hopefully never ..... it's good for everyone, but these upcoming cars are going to be so fast that most people will not be able to handle that kind of speed on public roads.

This is getting better every day :-)

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Wow, that is some good news about Audi! Could you put up the links where you found this information. It isn't that I don't believe you, I just want to see a little bit more about this stuff. If it wasn't on the internet, where did you get it? Thanks!


Oct. edition of Automobile magazine


i've been predicting that final rsr will have even more then current le mans concept...it's logical...600hp rs6 below the top 650hp rsr


whata heck is that a5?

edited:just realised that it's upcoming coupe based on nuvolari concept sharing parts with a4/a6

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