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The New BMW 4-series and 3-series.

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Has anyone of you out there seen the new BMW M4 and M3?

They aren't that ugly as I thought they would be. They are actually quite beautiful. I'll try and find some pics of the models so you could see them too.


The 4-series is the coupé version of the present 3-series and the new 3-series can not be delivered as a coupé. The M3 is going to be named M4, and will be delivered with a V8 engine. The new M3 will only be delivered in a sedan version.

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Those pictures are computer manipulated. The top one looks like a 5-Series made into a coupe. The lower one is the usual M3 theme over layed onto a Bangle 3-Series.

It's really too early to tell what the new M3 or 4 will look like.


Yes, it is it to early to tell if the new 3- or 4-series will look like that but Bangle said that he wouldn't ruin the design on the upcoming 3-series and it will look the same as the 3-series on the picture. With a few minor differences. I hope that the 3-series will lokk like the one on the picture.

But one thing is for sure, the 3-series will be a 4-doored saloon while the 4-series is a 2-doored coupe.


3-Series will be 4 door, and 4-Series will be 2 door. Sounds like their getting needlessly complicated about things. It's funny that Chris Bangle said he wouldn't ruin the up-coming 3-Series design, as if he knows he has already ruined everything else.


Naa, I wouldn't be too sure about that. He's planning on making the 4 look fairly similar to the 3, and if the new 3 bombs, then the 4 is likely to have the same fate. I think BMW is trying to confuse people with it's new model range scheme.


I sincerely hope that Bangle doesn't ruin the new 3 series, cause the 4-series will be a coupe of the 3-series. But I do hope that the 4-series looks like the pics german car magazines has released cause it is actually ok.


i couldn't view that link, but if the new 4 is something like this

http://www.imakenews.com/autospies/e_article000162676.cfm then i think i would be ok with it, it would be the first bangle decimation er... design that i approve of. Although i'm not sure yet what i would think about that swoosh-ish curve along the side. Assuming again that that is a valid picture (which i know it very well may not be...) then this M version of the 4 looks quite nice, at least from this angle... http://www.imakenews.com/autospies/e_article000171747.cfm . perhaps someone has beaten some sense into BMW HQ, and they are realizing that we don't want a full dose of bangle's "flaming design"...


The picture that's shown on the second adress, http://www.imakenews.com/autospies/e_article000171747.cfm , is the new 4-series I would like to see coming in to production. I like it, compared to the other flaming-designed cars.

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