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993 Turbo S or 996 X50

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Which one would you pick and why?

I would buy the 993 over the 996 because of its rarity, beauty, and maybe becuase of its ?exclusiveness? It seems everyone is showing up with X-50s but in the five years of owning mine, I can count the number of the 993 Turbo S at PCA events on one hand. Even though the 996 is a nice looking car, I don't think you can beat the lines of the 993, especially those huge fenders! The only down fall of the Turbo S could be the owner's of these cars feel they are worth a lot more than market value :cry:

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i don't know, i've always been a sucker for the less aggressive, more seductive lines of the 996. The water cooled engine makes a more refined exhaust note. I can't fault the 993 in any way, my taste takes me however to 996. The 996 X50 has formiddable and applicable performance that is truly profound.


On the topic of motor sounds, it seems that the 996 C4S seems to have a better sound then then regular 996. Or could it be the last two that I heard had exhaust all ready?


definitley a 993 turbo . Even G-Unit agrees with me in their stunt 101 video. It is better looking rarer just plain BETTER

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