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Ferrari 456

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Hey guys...Can you guys give me some information on the 456 Ferrari...Im lookin to get a used one like a 95 or 96...Im in Cali right now but I found one in a showroom for 78 grand...You think its too good to be true? But like I said some information on the car and your personal opinions please...Thanks

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Well as you probably know, the 456 is a four seater, and in my opinion, practicality is not a trait I want in a Ferrari. I would get the 355, cant go wrong there, its just a wonderful car. And being in California, it should be easy to find and perfect to cruise in. I know Symbolic Motors of La Jolla is where I got my 355. You most certainly can get a 456 there too if you insist.


I've heard of Symbolic Motors, they even had thier own Bentley Continental T " Symbolic Edition " made up.

If you want to save money, I would go with a private owner though. With a dealer you will just pay more. You don't want to scrimp on a car thats' been tossed around kind of hard, because you don't want to get stuck replacing something really expensive that could have been avoided with a better example. But saving money is still good.

Heres' a little hint to look for : If there are swirls in the paint, chances are good the owner hasn't much sense in other areas of car care. At least he's not a REAL car guy. And you want to get a car from someone who sees' their car as more than just an asset.


Ah thats a pitty. My dad sold his one a while ago :(.

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