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Car magazines are suckers for new stuff ...

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If anyone here reads Car & Driver magazine, you'll notice that lately BMW has been losing favor to a mess of hot new Audis. In a recent test, the M3 was even judged in second to the Audi RS6 in the handling department. What the hells' up with that? :evil:

The Audi is all wheel drive with a big V-8 up front, the M3 in rear wheel drive with a light weight six. How do they come to there conclusion? It wasn't long ago that they were saying the E46 M3 had " razor honed moves ". And now razor moves aren't good enough? Please!

I think they are just suckers for any new machine, even if it's subconcious. Like an ingreatful guy growing tired of his loving, inteligent wife who is a knockout. BMWs' which are always at the TOP of the field starting to drop off all of a sudden seems pretty fishy to me. What do you all think?

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they will always support cars in packs. You will notice there has been a sudden shift in favor of nissan and general motors. Audi has also garnered a lot of favor lately too.

The M3 beat the S4 V8 in every single performance statistic, and they still judged it 2nd? How?

How about the competition (i think it was either C&D or MT) where they compared S Type R, E55 Kompressor, M5 E39, and RS6.

The S Type R rightfully ranked last (heavy and underpowered), the fastest car of the test the E55 took 3rd (car mags have been vicious towards mercedes lately), the M5 took second, and RS6 first.

The RS6 was outhandled by M5, out accelerated to 60 to E55, and to 100 by M5 and E55. It was the second most expensive, yet it took first. How?

Look at advertising in the car mags.

Nissan, Audi, and GM have bought in huge in the last few years, and suddenly they are the toast of every car mag article

(c'mon, in a comparo of the corvette, M Roadster, SLK32, and the Boxster S, M Roadster took 4th, SLK32 took 3rd, Boxster S 2nd, and Vette 1st.

You show me how that makes sense?


There is no way the RS6 can out maneuver any BMW. The RS6 may have a big engine with lots of ponnies in it but there is just one big problem, the huge rear that comes with an estate. Because of this the RS6 is all understeer, if you try to push it through a corner a little bit too fast it will break out immediatly.

For a real independent and objective view on things you should buy german car mags (if you can read german that is) the same with computer or tech mags, they've got so many sponsors that it doesn't matter to them if they lose one. I'm ashamed to admit that even here in NL magazines tend to favor their advertisers.


yeah, in the US, opinion is for sale. god bless lazies faire democracy eh?

if bmw up and bought out the ads in motor trend, the next M5 would be acclaimed the biggest thing in cars since the model t.

the M5 is front midship, the engine sits rear of the front axle.

RS6 has the big turbo V8 sitting even over the front axle.

M5: 53:47

RST 62:38

there ya go!

furthermore, the M5, with 56 fewer horsies beats RS6 to 100, never to be lost again.


I wonder how those U.S. magazine guys can sleep at night knowing that they have to vouch for cars just because the maker is buying ads. They would get really defensive if you mentioned it to them, but how can they not know they are a bunch of sell outs? :wink:


they tell themselves lies that they believe.

If audi gave you what became your bonus, maybe more testcars, perks, how could you justify not liking them right?

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