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Ticking sound in new bimmers

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I live in one of the "upper class" towns of The Netherlands. Just to give you an idea, a SLK or X4 for the wife isn't an uncommon thing over here. Anywayz lately I've been seeing more and more new bimmers.

The new bimmers seem to have a very ackward sound to them. They don't make the normal engine sounds, instead they make a continuous blowing/sucking sound. The other thing is you can hear a constant ticking sound, the higher the RPM the faster the ticking.

The first time I heard this ticking I thought there was something wrong with the engine, fan hitting something or valves hitting the piston, but now I've heard several bimmers make the same sound.

What is this ticking sound and why is it these engines only make a windy sound?

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Living in such an "upper class" neighborhood, why do you drive a golf?


Sorry for the comment, Im new to the forum and as such didnt know your story. Just a thought


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