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audi s4


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you cant run a boost controller on the s4. it has an electronically controlled external wastegate that no matter how high you turn up the boost, it will only allow the stock setting, which i beleive is 9psi. you need to buy a chip, goapr.com they have good stuf with chips starting around $600. the 93 octane setting will push boost up to 14.5 safely with 328hp and 368tq. dont buy the boost controller, and if you already did, send it back

stock boost is 9.1psi on the 2.7TT. it is also true that boost is linked into the main ECU - and is wastegate controlled. A chip is the most efficient way to increase boost. The turbos are not capable of over a little better than 14, but that is a large increase. If you want more pressure than that, get ready for some work.


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