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BMW 5 Series E39

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I just got my new BMW :D , it's a 530d touring steptronic.

when I'm standing and pressing the brake pedal I feel a tap in the brake pedal every 3 seconds is it normal?

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Seems to me you're getting some feedback through the break system. if this is timed (like 3 secs) then my guess would be that the ABS is causing this. I think the pistons of the calipers or the pressure system are still a little bit stiff, or there's too much oil in the break system.

I'd say, break it in for some 2000km, if the problem still exists then take it back to the dealer and have them check it out.


i don't know, sounds definately - especially in a bmw - to be a computer issue. I'd just take it to the dealer. it's under warrantee.


Thanks guys for the fast reply, at least now I know that it's not normal.

next Monday I'm visiting my dealer so I will let him check that.

I will keep you posted and soon I will post some pictures.



well, after a check in the dealer garage I'v been told that it's normal ?!? :-?

whatever I guess I have to live with that.

my cat is still in the garage because the day aftar the check I found out that my xenon lights are dead!!! great quality from BMW, I have the car for 2 weeks and half of the time it was in the garage! :evil:

I posted a new topic about the xenon!


Well the the break is kinda normal. I've seen this a few times before and after breaking the car in it disapeared. Like I said break it in for a few 1000miles/kms and if it's still there take it back to the dealer. If you dealer refuses to fix it then you can always contact the BMW importer of your country and submit a complaint. Be sure to get a second opinion before you do submit a complaint.

Check the other thread for the xeon thingy.

Oh btw, I'm not sure how the dealer attitude is in your country but I have found that in many cases you have to be very tuff towards them. INstead of an attitude like: "I have this thing on my car is it normal?" you have to act like: "This is wrong, I don't like it, fix it!". Be agressive against them, let them work for their money.


Thanks a lot GIR,

as you wrote the attitude here isn't serious enough and for the xenon case

I had to insist getting a remtal because I don't want to stay without a car in the weekend, I had to call the dealer who sold me the car and complain about the crap service of his garage and then in 5 minutes I got a rental car.

as for the break issue I will do as you wrote and later if I still have the feedback I will take it to some other garage to have it checked.


Here are some picture from the delivery date.

unfortunately I didn't have the time and chance to take some better






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