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The new Lamborghini L147


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Wassup guys.

So this is the code name for the new Lamborghini.

I know they are going to reveal it in a few weeks.

I wanted to know if anyone knows any information about this new beast. I am soo excited to find out more about it. I can't wait anymore.

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Hi Lambo, hi Shaunt,

I have already seen these pictures. The new design is really beautiful. At the moment we're trying to find out more details about it.

I heard of a person having already signed for one. Will try to contact him.

Will keep you posted.


On 2001-08-28 09:37, RolandK wrote:

Hi Lambo, hi Shaunt,

I have already seen these pictures. The new design is really beautiful. At the moment we're trying to find out more details about it.

I heard of a person having already signed for one. Will try to contact him.

Will keep you posted.


Hi Roland, how have you been?

Thanks, great to hear that. I'm so excited about it.

And I agree, the air scoops on the side LOOK SO NICE. Wow, what a car this is.

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Oh man, that Lambo is really over done. I am sure that is not the released version of the car. Still, the car is not what I would think it to be. Although what can you expect, its Lamborghini! (Not my favorite sports car manufacture as you can tell) Over 3500 pounds for a exotic sports car is a little rediculous dont you think.

Why do I dislike lamborghini? First off how this thing is called an exotic "sports car" is beyond me. A car that weighs 3582 pounds should not be considered an exotic sports car. Sure, the M3 is almost the same but its not an exotic car sports car. I have to pay for a $290,000 for a sports car with a 5 speed gear box? That is sad. How come lamborghini has a 6.0L engine that produces way under 100 per liter? You know what I find funny is that Lamborghini GT. HA! Here we just created a lightweight edition of the diablo. Sure. Still its a monster. 575HP! Is that it. Yes, that is a lot! But after you look at what BMW produced in 1993 was remarkable for a street car. A 6.1L 627HP beast. Thats over 100 Per liter. Plus it was constructed out of much lighter materials which I would classify it as a true sports car. Ferrari dominates lamborghini in my world. Ferrari builds an exceptional car! Lamborghini is last on my list. Look at the interior. Its crap! BLHA, I hate it. I could see if the car was $80,000 but some are $300,000! Yikes! Roland. I am sure you have to agree with some of the things I am saying.

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I thought I would chime in with some updates on the facts your throwing around. As the only person in this forum who has driven both the Diablo, the Murcielago AND (yes and) the new Lambo, I can point out several things.

I will reply to everyone at once to save time and space:

Who told you the engine in the Murcielago is based on the same engine as the Veryon? That is not true.

It also does not share it`s platform with any other car in the VW family.

And if you think it is expensive to have the clutch replaced, just remember that they have to remove the entire engine.........

As far as performance, the Murcielago is much faster than the Diablo. I drove it on the small Hockenheimring. The power doesn`t quit!! Of all the extreme cars I have driven in my career, this wasn`t the fastest but definitely the most capable!! The g`s in the corners were difficult to deal with unless you are used to open wheel racing.

It is also the first car to take me near and then beyond 300kph without requiring any special treatment. There is a reason why the car set the speed record in Nardo!!

Finally, I wanted to ask if anyone remembers the origin of Lamborghini and what their mission was. This would help explain to you why all Lamborghinis (so far) have always been more extreme and more expensive than Ferraris.


If you really want good info on the Murcielago


everything on this web page is correct. I do not know where he got it all from but it matches what I have learned from Lamborghini engineers.

Every source I have seen has said that the new VW supercar, as well as the Lambo Murci use the same platform as Veryon. In fact, the original 18/4 veryon prototype was in fact built on the acutal un-modified lambo chasis. I have also read that VW (who shares everything between lines) is using a modified Lambo platform for 16/4 (modified to fit the W style engine and 3 LSD driveline) - then again - things can change - and the media can be wrong.

Sorry Fox if I was unclear in my previous statement.

I cannot refute or confirm anything in your last posting.

My point was simply that the Murci engine is a 100% Lambo job.

Also the chassis is 100% Lambo. Now if VW is using it for other in house supercar projects I have no accurate information. I therefore will believe everything you have heard to be true. I DO know that the 16/4 engine as you call it (which happens to be in development at my facility) has a lot in common with other VW products but not the Murci engine.

The initial test bed for that engine actually was/is a Lambo chassis but it is not that of a Murci. This was mainly due to the need for a large engine bay and chassis strong enough to withstand the tremedous torque. I would not use this fact to assume that the final car will have such a chassis. We have other engine test beds that were actually originally cars from another manufacturer and no one thought they were deveoping the engine for themselves and their greatest competition...

There is definitely lots of talk within VW of reusing as much of the Lambo technology and experience to infuse other cars and lines, but I know of no certain plans. Then again, I only find out about these things once they move from the research to the development stage.

I believe you misunderstood me. I completely agree that the V12 engine that goes into Murci is 100% Lambo (well, the VVT tech employed looks an awful lot like that of an audi (at least in tech diags), but beside the point. The chasis was also developed by Lambo. A lambo platform was modified for the 16/4 to ride on. I am just suprised that no VW technology has gotten into Lambo, one must admit that Lambo engines are slightly unrefined (a small price to pay for that much performance), but certainly there is something in the VW bag of tricks to bring the Lambo level of engine refinement past that of any competitor. I just find it odd that lamborghini is the only VW division not to get any technology from the other divisions.


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