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Any 928's here?


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I have recently been looking for a car that is under $15,000 dollars, and the 928 is one which has caught mine eye. It is pretty, rediculously fast, and pheasibly priced. This car was the shit in the 1980's and was seen in Scarface, Risky Business, and many other movies. I really would like to see some that are 1990 models or younger with ABS and airbags, as i need to save money on insurance and these features would help me do so.

I love this car and would like to see pictures of your 928s if any of you own them, and if any of you are selling one, can you give me a price and description and we can talk later about it?

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I owned several 928 from 78 to 95 models. The 86 I drive at the moment is fabulous sport car, moreover it has a wide body kit from Jacquemond.Com that gives a modern look to it !

86 model has brakes from the S4, and there is no too much security helps that eat the sliding pleasure !!!

O, from France.

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