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M3 and CSL wheels - Important Question!


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About the 19 inch M3 alloys and the CSL stanard fit alloys:

Are the wheels the same size? Do they have the same offset?

I know that the CSL alloys are as follows:

Front 19 x 8.5 with 50mm Offset

Rear 19 x 9.5 with 27mm Offset

The reason i ask is that i'm about to buy a new M3 but i want to fit the CSL alloys. The plan is to order an M3 with the 19 inch alloys then swap the tyres onto the CSL alloys. Will this work or do i need to buy other tyres?

Also that means i'll have a set of brand new 19" wheels (without tyres) for sale if anyone is interested??

Hope you can help



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The 19" M-Spoke wheels (style 67) on your M3 have offsets of ...

41mm. Front

27mm. Rear

I think, but check your wheels, they should say somewhere on them. I know for a fact they aren't identical to the CSL wheels though. Your front wheel is 1/2 inch more narrow anyway.

The standard rubber the CSL rides on are 235/35 front and 265/30 rear. Your tires are 225/40 front and 255/35 rear. So you would need new tires for the CSL rims.

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CSL alloys with M3 tires won't fit. The CSL tires a very low profile. Also the CSL wheel arches are a little wider.

I don't know how you guyz call it in english but there are special tires on the market which aren't straight at the sides but angled inwards. This way your tires won't hit the wheel arches even if your rims are bigger.

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Ok, thanks for the help.

I have just bought the CSL wheels. Thought that the tyres may not fit but was unsure - thanks for clearing things up.

That means i'll have a set of brand new 19 inch wheels/tyres for sale - hopefully, that will cover the cost for some tyres for the CSL wheels.

When i fit the CSL wheels to the M3 - you reckon they will rub when on full lock? If not when would they rub?

I live in the UK, and driving round the Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire/London area the roads can get a bit crap at times - so the suspension will have a bit of work to do.

Would i need to get a body shop to make the wheel arches a bit wider (not going for boy racer wide, just the standard CSL size - must admit, i didnt realise they where any wider than an M3)

I have seen quite a few photos on the net with CSL wheel fitted M3s - can't be too much of a problem.

Thanks again


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