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About to buy an M3 e46 - But have a few questions!!!


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Just found this site, so forgive me if this topic has already been covered.

Anyway i'm about to buy a new uk spec M3 - still not sure if i will get an import or not - various good and bad points about both.

What i would like to know is:

Does anyone know if the competion pack will be on sale in the UK anytime soon? If not, why not?

Also, if i buy an import do you know a good website to look at - I dont have the time to sort out doing all the paperwork needed, and therefore will use one of those importing companies - any good ones around?

Lastly - and most important! The colour. Not sure if i should get Carbon Black, or Silver Grey - as the colour i want is not available on uk spec cars - Sparkling Graphite (even if you use BMW Individual). I'f anyone has any pics of a black car with grey seat, or a silver grey car with both black and grey seats, could you email me them or post a link.

Thanks for any help/advice you can give,




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Cheers James :wink2:,

The M3 Competition package will be available on 2005 U.S. spec cars, but I've heard no word that it will be available on UK cars. The Competition package itself was developed specifically for the North American market I believe.

About importing, would you be wanting to get a U.S. spec car?

And finally, about the color. My personal choice would be Jet or Carbon Black with Cinnamon interior - such a warm rich tone, and looks good with Carbon Black. But of the combinations you're considering, I'd go with Carbon Black with Black or Grey seats. If Silver Grey, I'd choose Black seats, over Grey ones.

Have you checked out the "Build Your BMW" car configurators?



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Yeah my advise is to buy one its a great all round car. some ealier models suffer from oil pump failiures which triiger of a load of other problems but those have all been sorted. so if youre going for a second hand one ,try and go for one with a valid warranty.

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