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Top Gear on the Veyron


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I don't know if you guyz have seen the Top Gear ep where they discuss the Veyron but it's hilarious. They compare the Veyron to a Suzuki Swift.

The Swift is light, is cheap, has a 4 banger which generate 101 horsies and it goes like crazy.

The Veyron is heavy, very expensive, has a 16 quad turbo banger which generate 1001 horsies, has a heat problem, has a traction problem, has no streering and breaking what so ever and goes like crazy.

The difference between the Veyron and the Swift is that the Swift works, the Veyron does not.

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it's because the veyron is a barge. No engine is going to defy the laws of physics. At some point, war of attrition strategy doesn't work in cars, you actually have to use elegent engineering. VW will learn someday.

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