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Great BMW Race Car Video !


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Hello! Nice video! How many hp does the M3 have? It's not a 325 turbo, but a M3 turbo. They are strong from before with 321 hp.

Read another topic here... a 1033 hp M5! That video is a turbo charged M5 doing 237 kmh end speed. This M3 is even doing more. The springs in front seemed to miss the shockobservers. Not bad in drag race but certainly disturbing for public road. I like cars that you can go exactly the way they are on roads as you do dragraces with. That M3 would be disturbing to drive on public roads with that adjustment to the front shocks.

PS- Rolit med Svenskar här också!

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:-))! Hi Thunf !

Offcourse its a M3 ! Sorry !!

Yes its fast , and the bug got a porsche engine

I think ?

Fun with Finish people her :D

Challe / 8)

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