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S65 Magazine test from Swedish Car Mag Auto Motor Sport


Would a chip and bigger tires make an S600 go 0-50 in 1.8 seconds?  

  1. 1. Would a chip and bigger tires make an S600 go 0-50 in 1.8 seconds?

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They tested the S 65 recently and these are their numbers (with the factory 19" standard rims and tires: Here is quotes from info in discussion:

" With GPS they noted (km/h):

0 - 100 in 4.28 secs (faster than factory claim) :o:D:-))!

0 - 200 in 13.22 secs. X-) 8)

0 - 250 in 21.60 secs. :o:o

They used an S4 V8 and a GT3 as reference.

When the S4 is about to hit 200 km/h (in 21.89 secs.) the S65 is already doing 250 km/h... :bigeyes:

The GT3 does 0 - 200 km/h in 15.68 secs and is left long behind as well. "

The big sedan is just extremely fast .... 13.22 seconds zero to 200 Km/h is very very awesome .....

here's the link: http://forums.mbworld.org/forums/showthread.php?t=78874

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Ok, compare it to cars that are 1/2 and 1/4 the cost respectively. Why don't you get out - say a GT2, or a Ford GT, something in line with it.

It's fast for a sedan, but at 4,700lbs, damn near anything performance orriented takes it around a track.

And the factory says 4.2 for 0-60. Since 100k is 62mph, it tests almost directly in line with factory.

BTW, for 97k you can have a Dinan S2-M5 - which runs to 60, as tested by motortrend, in 4.1 secconds, and does the quarter in 12 secconds. I have faith that would give the S65 a run for the money, and might in fact be ahead for a nice part of the run. It's ahead by 60 at least. And that isn't bad, because M5 E39 is a big car.

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I agree the Dinan S2 M5 would be able to handle it to 60 MPH, but what do you think maybe a race (assuming both cars have been derestricted) from zero to 200 MPH? I think the S65's super gigantic torque levels would leave the S2 behind.

I think it's really cool how the car is a big ultra-luxurious cruiser with so much speed also .... Great car to haul around the family and if some guy tries to gun it on you cuz he thinks you just have any S Class... you'll very much surprise most people out on the street ..... X-)

Now, another question for you guys: How much faster do you think the S65 would've been in that test if it had had the Renntech ECU & TCU upgrades with a set of wider and stickier tires on it (maybe Pilot Cups? Or P-Zero Rosso Corso's??) Considering Mr. Treynor's S 600 has 19" Renntech wheels with I don't know what kind of tires with the ECU upgrades and he's pulling 3.3 seconds zero to 60 (and zero to 50 MPH in 1.8 seconds !!! holy S**T !!!), it's intriguing to think about what these upgrades would do to the S65's times ..... :o:)

I think what all these 65's need is a serious fender widening program so that you can put the 345/30 ZR-20 Michelin Pilot Sports on the back ... I think that would greatly improve the traction ability with all that power they have. Top Gear magazine talked about in their CL 65 road test that it has so much damn power that not only did he say it's just laughable how fast the car overtakes other cars on the highway, but that there's not nearly enough contact patch on the road at the rear .... so maybe a much wider set of tires would help? Just a thought..... :-))!:wink::wink2:

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A race to 200mph? That sounds pretty impractical, don't you think? My money still says that an S2-M5's tenacious top end and short gearing would keep it at least even with the S65 all the way up through 150mph. It is a ton of power the S65 has, I'll agree, but fast car, and especially sports cars are about way more than just power. And you are talking about plowing more money into your S65, it's a 180,000 dollar car to start with, you know that right? By the time you get all these custom upgrades from expensive german tuners, you'll be looking at a car that costs how much? Enough that a 612 Scaglietti looks like a throw down bargain? Yeah.

I'd still buy an S55 for 60k less, seing as it is, what? .2, .3 secconds slower to 60 than the SL65? Sure, the SL65 would have more power 120-150.

Hey wait, what do you think renntech or brabus could do to a SL55 for 60k? Say make it faster than an SL65?


The SL65 is a pretty goofy car if you as me.

And i can prove mathematically that an SL600, or even an SL65 with anything short of a jet engine strapped to the back could not get to 50 in 1.8 secconds. I can litterally prove that. It would need an amount of horsepower way in to 4 digits to be able to move that heavy a car that quickly.

So an S600 doing 0-50 in 1.8 is total bull, furthermore, why does it take nearly as long to get from 50 to 60? It looks like it slowed down quite a bit doesn't it?

You can't blame the transmission, the speedshift AMG 5-spd auto is about the fasting shifting conventional automatic you'll likely find, so I think on that you're just making stuff up.

Which doesn't really surprise me.

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That's what was calculated for Mr. Treynor's S-600, it was not made up so don't talk s**t to me.

Look him up on the internet, go to his website and watch the videos of his car doing it ..... do it or don't do it I don't care.

It doesn't surprise you? Who the f****ing hell do you think you are talking to me that way .... you don't know who you're talking to so watch your mouth .....

And, we were never talking about money ... if you wanna talk value all of the sudden now then take a used ZR-1 and drop turbos on it there ya have it ... it'll smoke any M5 or any 65 ..... we're discussing classy German luxury cars that are capable of Ferrari speed and acceleration here ...

Oh and by the way ..... the SL 65 looks bad-ass .... not goofy ....

I've tried so many times to go back to discussing cars and start conversations ... like my previous post by asking others' opinions ... but then there's always someone who has to be a smart ass and be disrespectful ..... keeping an open mind to other types of automotive philosophies like Benz's way of doing things, so as to atleast be willing to discuss the pros of other methods in a respectful way, is a good thing to do ....

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I'm just not getting into this with you.

I appeal to anyone to use their common sense with a car that accelerates from 0-50 in 1.8 secconds, but then takes another 1.5 to accelerate 10mph faster to 60. Seccondly, how many cars accelerate to 50 in 1.8 secconds? A ferrari Enzo gets from 0-30 in that time.

Well, say like Hennessy Viper, a Lingenfelter Corvette, both of which are sports cars that weigh in at less than 3,500lbs and push better than 800hp. They both can only do this feet with racing slicks as well. On street tires, maybe some 1100hp Lotec could do it, a 2,400lb car with 1100hp.

Now compare these cars to a sedan that weighs over 4,700lbs, has a stock 493hp, so if you add bigger street tires and a performance ECU to a 4,700lb car making fewer than 500hp, it suddenly is faster than an 833hp, 3,450lb Viper with racing slicks. I know 10 year olds who could see the flawed logic there.

The S600 is rated to 4.8 0-60. You think bigger tires and a chip are going to make it go 0-50 in 1.8 secconds, you do realize that if runs 0-60 in 4.8 secconds, and shifts from 1st to 2nd at 55mph (which it does), then in order to make it 60 in 4.8, it takes it roughly 3.7 secconds to get to 50. Road tests back that up. So stock it goes 0-60 in 3.7, yet a chip and tires make it more than twice as fast?

I never said SL65 is goofy looking, I said it was a goofy concept for a car in general. It actually looks pretty much just like an SL55, which I have quite a bit of respect for.

And the Benz philosophy? Mercedes wasn't the first to strap turbos to big motors. It's been done for a while now. Mercedes' philosphy is all over the place, one day it's more displacement, another day it's superchargers, the next it's turbos, and the next it is more efficient flowing heads. Atleast people like porsche and BMW are consistent and have a theme. Mercedes makes great cars, but they aren't perfect. Sorry to bust your bubble J.

And seriously, what is the point of threatening me? What are you going to do, jump through your computer and pop out mine and bust a cap?

And since I guess I am getting into it with you, I'll answer your questions who I think I am and who I think you are.

You are the person who has a long standing track reccord of posting lots of rediculous and inflamatory stuff that pretty much always proves innaccurate. I am one of the many people who points out the flaws in your logic and the faults in your data.

We've been through this way too many times before.

Go look at the original post by persian and see if you think it makes any sense.

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What would be the point of racing a Dinan M5 to 200 mph.? Would it prove that the car who takes 200 first is a better or faster car? Not at all, it would simply be a show of two cars hitting 200 very quickly.

Persian, we love talking cars, discussing different points of view in a civil and intelligent atmosphere, ( Mods love that ). Most of us here are open to valid information being given. You're intelligent and capable of civil communication, but just about everything you come here with seems to have an undertone of three-pointed star superiority. You never come out and say it, although in a fit you admitted it once, refering to Mercedes people as "us". But who knows what it will take for you to realize that Mercedes is just a premium carmaker, with priorities and compromises, like any other. Not God's gift to ... Oh you know.

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yeah, is that three or four of us mods who have said "mercedes is not god's gift to automobiles" so far?


I'm not looking to get into with anyone, i'm just irratated at someone putting up clearly false data. if you want to talk REAL numbers and facts about cars, speak your opinion, that's one thing. If you want to pass your dreams for mercedes off as facts, that's another. There is more to a car than numbers, that why they are fun to talk about. This isn't math, it's automobiles, and cars have more dimensions than that.

SL65 is a very fast, very unique, very powerful car. It is not an uncompromising performance machine, i'm not calling it slow at all, i'm just saying when they designed it, they were looking at more than just performance.

And personally, i still fail to see the a justifiable reason to spend the signifigant difference between an SL55 and SL65 to go for the latter.

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