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typhon gets more power than expected...

TVR has finally revealed the price and specification of its sophisticated new flagship, the Typhon. Originally slated to produce 500bhp, TVR has found that the supercharged version of its superb straight-six engine is actually well within tolerances producing a massive 580bhp at 7000rpm. The torque figure of 467lb ft at 5000rpm is equally impressive. The Typhon will cost £84,995 when deliveries beginning this summer, and TVR claims there's already a two-year waiting list for the car.

TVR is also offering two normally-aspirated versions of the car; the T400R fitted with the 400bhp 4-litre straight-six, and the T440R with a 4.2-litre good for 440bhp. They are priced at £74,995 and £79,995 respectively. It's crucial that TVR offers these less powerful models in order to homologate the car for Le Mans (the T400R racers don't use the supercharged engine).

In reality almost every customer will opt for the full 580bhp Typhon. All models will benefit from TVR's six-speed sequential gearbox, a true sequential 'box as opposed to automated manuals like the Ferrari F1 system and Lamborghini's e-gear. It is operated via a conventionally positioned gearlever rather than a steering wheel paddle-shift.

The Typhon's construction is very different from other TVRs: the usual steel spaceframe with integrated rollcage is supplemented with a very stiff aluminium honeycomb and carbonfibre floor which significantly increases rigidity. Body panels are also in carbonfibre, helping to keep weight down to 1110kg, which endows the Typhon with a power-to-weight ratio of 530bhp per ton. To put that into perspective, the fastest Ferrari road car of all time, the Enzo, comes in at 484bhp/ton, and Porsche's Carrera GT has 445bhp/ton. Currently, only the fastest road car of all time, the McLaren F1, shades the Typhon's figure with 560bhp/ton - although the Koenigsegg CCR will raise the bar significantly to around 700bhp/ton when it arrives!

Like all TVRs, the Typhon will offer remarkable performance-per-£; the company claims a sub-4sec 0-60mph sprint and a top speed of 215mph. The low drag co-efficient of Cd 0.32 makes the most of the power, and the virtually flat underfloor and front and rear diffusers are said to aid high-speed stability significantly. Inside, the ruthless focus on performance and weight-saving will be evident through exposed aluminium and carbonfibre trim and a generally 'minimalist' design. The only sop to luxury are the leather-trimmed but lightweight carbonfibre seats.

It's a brave move for TVR to launch a car that costs over £80,000, but the Typhon shares the class-leading performance of its less expensive siblings that has traditionally attracted so many buyers out of Boxsters and 911s. Combine 580bhp and carbonfibre construction with typically outrageous TVR looks and the success of the Typhon looks assured. We can't wait to drive it.

Article from : Evo


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Well, the big difference is under the hood and when driving it. The exterior end the interior (except for the numbers on the dials :lol: ) look the same as in the Tuscan.

I wonder how the engine makes the driving feels like. It's a pretty damn good engine: supercharged and redline @7000rpm.

Can't wait to see some critics. I hope they come soon.

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