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does anyone know which is faster round a twisty track?


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i know dat murcielago has all the better 0-60 times etc. but the gallardo has more techno and supposedly handles alot better on twisty roads,

i'm not sure which would win, can any1 elp me?

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In my own opinion, I would think the Gallardo is a pretty good match for it's big brother Murcielago in most catagories. It's a more nimble handler, so it could have a certain edge on some courses.

This is one of those cases where the entry level model provides most if not all that the more expensive model has. Much like the Porsche 911 Carrera and Boxster S. But if you really want that V12 and those scissor doors, theres' only one way to go. :wink:

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because of the four wheel drive and the smaller weight the gallardo could beat his brother in a racetrack with lots of bends.but murci has a better acceleration,noticeable from 60 mp h.so,at a very fast racetrack,merci would beat his little brother easily. :D


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