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Removing 996 Door Panels??


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Hi. I'm new to the forum. I have a 2000 996

Cabriolet and I'm attempting to upgrade the

door speakers with the Porsche Audio Upgrade

System. This requires me to remove the door

panels. Does anyone know of any website

or instructions on how to remove the door panels

on my car? (BTW, I've seen this website detailing removing

the Boxster door panels, but this doesn't fully help




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Well, here is a link that shows how remove the door panel of a 993. Honestly, I don't know how similar or different it would be for the 996, but it might help.


If I were in your position though, tools in hand, I would feel free to poke around the door myself to see how the panel is attached, then carefully go to work. No instructions needed. Hope this helps. :)

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