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SL 65 w/ 922 lb/ft torque wasn't rumor: it'll come


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This just in from AutoWeek Magazine, the extremely reputable magazine & television show here in U.S..:

The CL & S65 engines had to be detuned (as we all knew already ofcourse): but get this .... AMG said that it had to be detuned from it's horsepower & torque ratings of 700 horsepower & 885 lb/ft of torque !!.

Holy crap they really had to detune this sucker for the current 5-Speed.

Mercedes also confirms that AMG Engineers are in fact hard at work developing a modified/upgraded version of the all-new 7-Speed transmission to cope with these & more kinds of power ratings.

So, in fact, that 922 lb/ft of torque rating is actually not unrealistic anymore. It is very very possible to see an SL 65 AMG come out

with over 700+ horsepower with over 900 lb/ft of torque.

Be afraid..... be very afraid ..... hooohooohaaahaaahaaa LOLOLOLOL

Also, there's stuff flying around about AMG designing an all-new braking system to be implemented in new AMG Models starting maybe 1 or 2 model years from now with 400MM or more huge brakes !!!!

Maybe they will make the fronts 12-Pot brakes like on the Brabus brakes?

Or just go straight to Carbon-ceramic, which could be an option on AMG models and eventually will become standard equipment on the top-line models. Right now the biggest brakes I've seen are available as an option for Vipers. Star-Tech sells them ... they're 405 MM brakes !!!!

One other thing: It's interesting to note that Mercedes insists that the reason for cars like the CL 65 is directly because of the U.S. customers. They wanted it, so they made it. They said most U.S. AMG customers buy a brand new car every 18 months, and they always want the latest, greatest, biggest, best. Furthermore, it is also interesting to note that even though the CL 65 has more luxury & tech than almost any street-legal production car on Earth, it is as fast and faster in some areas than even a Ferrari 575M Maranello !!!! Now that's Respect baby!!

It will eat a Continental GT for lunch.

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Well sorry to say so but nothign new here. The detuning has been done by a torque limiter just like on the S and CL and end 2004 they introduce a 7G version with no limiter.

Don't wanna toot my own horn but I already said this months ago :)

The new breaks aren't new aswell. They're already available on all AMG models infact they will introduce them on the topline very soon. MB has been advertising those for months now.

Why is it I feel like autospies? :)

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to watch a video of the CL 65 being road tested, go to

www.500sec.com and then scroll down a few lines and there should be a line that reads something like "streaming video of CL 65" .. click on this line and then Windows Media Player should pop up and play the streaming clip ... good video ... good sound of that V-12 engine making beautiful music.

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Don't be sorry.

Some of the info I gave actually might not be the newest technically, but some of it has never been spoken of on carpassion before so it might be new to some of the members who read the posts.

And the video I just talked about because I thought it was a good video, not because it was the newest video out there. Most people here in the U.S. don't have access to these German-language t.v. shows.

Besides, does every single thing here on carpassion have to be the very newest cutting edge info?

So far the replies have only been anti-me .... I'm sure the anti-Benz replies will surely follow ... after all, that is something this forum is great at.

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Well Persian, you should read up on your history. It's either nonsense taken off autospies or old news. You've build yourself quite a reputation.

Here on CP we've been saying for months now that the 65 first will be limited to 1000Nm torque because of the 5 gear transmission and later on they will release a 7G version with no limiter.

The original prospect was that the CL65 would be released in September, turned out to be October but it was prett darn close.

For a longtime it wasn't sure wether MB would introduce Carbon ceramic breaks on their regular cars because of the sporty nature of these breaks. For them to work well they need to be hot. Now it seems they will introduce it on the S, CL and SL but that was also said a few weeks ago.

Everything you said in this post, we've been saying for months now. And it's kinda akward to see you suddenly drop in here as if it's just of the press.

If you'd just pick your news sources more carefully I'm sure you would've known what we were saying for months and probably could make usefull and informative posts. Autospies is not a good sources btw. The reason why many of yours posts turn out so bad can be tributed to you.

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