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What does everyone listen to when going for a ride in the country, or cruisin' the strip, or whatever you do with your baby. Personally, when I'm out for a country-side drive, I like to put on some Eagles and some Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. It is just so relaxing.

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totally depends on which car im in and what mood im in, also depends on what my mission in the car is, and depends on the girl in my car. too many factors because i love everything from classic to rap. everything excluding country music!!!


i agree with djfux. with exception to rap. thats one of the last things i want to listen to when driving. aside from country or pop. usually my morning commute consists of classical, and the ride home varies depending on whether im in a rush or not. one of my most recent bands to listen to on the way home is the refused or tree63.


I think I know where you got this idea from Kleine, lets' see. I listen to 50's lounge music and a lot of obscure stuff at home, but not usually in the car. Good rap is always suitable for the road. Life in 1472 is a real good rap album for driving. Yashiki Gota for acid jazz, anytime is a good time for Prince or Sade 8) . Something like VanHalen, John Mellencamp, Las Vegas classics, or Brazilian bosa nova for highway blasting :P . I usually save the classical and more mellow music for home, while driving I like music with energy. I always listen to " Ridin' Sideways " by E40 when driving into Indianapolis, since it's what we were listening to the first time I made a trip there.

I think to find the best music, you have to look for it, you don't have to look far, but don't even bother with that American Top 40 crap.

Something I think is odd are people who blast rap out their trunk, no matter what season it is or what time it is. Like some guy blasting 50 Cent on Christmas Eve at 3 in the morning.


Am I the only one here who listens to "Papa was a rolling stone - Temptations"? Put my sunglasses on and just roll down the street. I just cen see people thinking: "Aw that man looks cool and hot! He's a smooth operator!"

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