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Saleen Mustang

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what do you mean, there have been and still are a number of very different saleen mustangs being built.


i mean the new saleen mustang


there are 3 of them, which do you mean?


he obviously means the new one :D


right, the new one, that makes it really easy.

Hey, how about that new Ford, you know the new one, the new ford.


Speaking of stats, does anyone know anything about that new GM car? Thats' a sweet ass ride!

I think Arty may be refering to the 2004 Saleen SR. Heres' a rundown ...


* Engine ...

4.6 liter Saleen Centrifugal Supercharged OHV V8.

Power : 505hp. @ 5,400 - 500lb.ft. @ 3,500

Compression ratio : 8.2:1 ... Bore & Stroke : 4.00" x 3.50"

* Other stuff ...

Sequential electronic fuel injection

65 mm throttle body

Saleen upper/lower manifold

80 mm air sensor

36lb. per hr. fuel injectors

Hydraulic roller camshaft and lifters

Forged aluminum pistons and heads

Ceramic coated headers

2.5" stainless steel 4-way catalytic high flow exhaust

High flow fuel pump ( no shit? )

Premium fuel calibration

High performance radiator.

* Drivetrain ...

Quick ratio 6-speed manual transmission

Ford 9" limited slip differential

Custom balanced driveshaft

* Suspension ...

Front : Saleen Racecraft independant uneven length wishbone with N2 triple adjustable shocks and adjustable swaybar.

Rear : 3-link live axle with swaybar. Performance enhancements : Unibody construction with roll cage and suspension rienforcement, power assisted rack & pinion steering.

* Brakes ...

Power 4-wheel ABS disc brakes with integrated cooling ducts,

Front : 14.4" metallic discs

Rear : 13.0" metallic discs - 4-pot calipers all around.

* Wheels ...

Saleen five spoke alloys. 18" x 10" front - 18" x 11" rear.

* Tires ...

Pirelli PZeros' - P285/30/ZR18 front - P335/30/ZR18 rear.

Yadda yadda yadda ...

* Performance ...

1/4 mi... 11.8 @ 124.0

0-60 ..... 4.0

Grip ..... 1.09g

60-0 ..... 98ft.

MSRP ... $158,000 - $175,000 ... Depending on the kind of mood Saleen is in apparently. A Saleen Racecraft IRS is available. The whole thing sounds like a huge rip off to me. Get a Ford GT instead.


ford doesn't make a 4.6L OHV engine, they make a 4.6L SOHC and DOHC engine, but not OHV. Saleen makes a few cobras with 5.8L ford OHV engines.

And yes, it is a rip off. You could get the S281 with IRS for, oh, 70k. I could see that, but 170? I think i'd sooner just go get something a bit more upmarket, like a ferrari, hmm Ford's Horsey car, or the original horsey car, hmm, i'll go for the italian stalian at that price.

ford doesn't make a 4.6L OHV engine, they make a 4.6L SOHC and DOHC engine, but not OHV.

Ford doesn't, but Saleen does apparently, according to the official Saleen website. Unless they made a mistake themselves. http://www.saleen.com/home/home_set.htm?x=0


it appears a misprint, that car uses fords overhead cam 4.6L. All engines used in saleens come from stock ford blocks.

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