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Opel Speedster as fast as M3 CSL


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You know what really bugs me? Opel Speedster, 810 Kg, 200 HP turbocharged, accelerates 0-100 Km/h as fast as the M3 CSL.

The M3 CSL being the fastest BMW at the moment doesn't beat an Opel?!

I wish there would be some kind of an M version on the base of the Z4. Light, excellent handling, latest technology, it would be a perfect base for an M powered engine. And I'm sure it would easily beat the Opel for performance, for handling is no question anyways, even thought it's Lotus technology to a really big part :( .

I mean, the new M1 will beat the Opel, I guess, but that's gonna be a while, and it's also gonna be another price class.

But a roadster monster machine from BMW would be appropriate. What do you think?

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The speculation is that they might also make the M4 the new "coupe" version of the 3 series. I don't know if that means the M3 would turn into the M4 or anything like that, but it's always a possibility, given BMW's history of pulling some weird s***.

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