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All-New Lexus LS 500 coming 2005 .. brand new in every way

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This car is said to come with completely brand new engine, body, suspension, electronics, everything ...

Might be called the LS 500 ...... maybe 5.0 Liter V-8 with well over 300 horsepower ...

rumors about maybe later Lexus adding a V-12 model, and/or a supercharged engine with complete sport equipment to compete with Benz S55 AMG, Jag XJR, and maybe BMW M7.

Ofcourse Lexus would not try to make them as fast as the germans, but be smoother, quieter, much cheaper, and probably compete more with Jag XJR ? Who knows till we find out later .....

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If Lexus did build an LS500, it would be a natural progression. They could even be aiming for higher stakes. The Lexus name has carried a quality image around with it long enough to mean something, they could be aspiring to seriously compete in the top rung, along with cars like the S500 and 745Li, or even a high powered alternative to V12 models.


i would expect 330-340hp, it is progression, and lexus is too conservative (and has too conservative of clientel) to do anything rash.

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