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Newest Ferrari - 2005 Ferrari 460!

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ok, so apparently they are making a new Ferrari, which will be designed by an italian, and have four seats in the back....i saw the design in a magazine, shit, i forget which one.....umm i know the name is going to be Ferrari 460 and it is coming out in 2005, go here: http://www.edmunds.com/future/2005/ferrari/460/100309565/photos.html?tid=edmunds.f.review.vdpheaderphoto..0.Ferrari*, to view some sketches on it..

im outt

Viva Italia!!

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way too old to impress us :wink:


A hatchback...isn't that costing ferrari it's exotic appeal?


The 460 is rumored to be named the " Bologna ", after Bologna Italy. I can just see the jokes now.

By the way, I saw a guy rolling down the street in a gray 360 Maranello today. I wonder if it's the same guy with the gray Diablo 6.0. Either way, he doesn't deserve that car, he's just a cruiser as far as I can tell :roll: .

Verizon cutting jobs, and people driving Ferraris' and Lambos', all in a town of 300,000 with nothing going for it. I think all the wealthy folks in this town must be druglords or something.


well thats a bit wierd, late night cable, i have heard of the 360 modena and the 550 maranelo but i hav nevr heard of a 360 maranello

wen u wer sayin about the people cruisin and stuff well no offence but wen u have a nice car then you want to drive it i mean thats what its there 4 otherwise you mite aswell get a ford or a vw

i would of thought you would have known that as you have a bmw m3.

that 460 looks like a maserati


Modena, whatever. I'm not a big Ferrari person.

Crud, you have it turned around. A nice car like a Ferrari or BMW is meant for driving, otherwise it's going to waste. If people just want to " cruise " down the street doing 40 miles per hour, while talking on their cell phone, they might as well buy a Ford or VW.

Believe me, I drive, rarely cruise. Unless it's in the Cadillac.

850 Ci

yes you can do that with ferraris if u want to spend 1000s, anf if i may dare to speculate, 10,000s to replace everything that need fixing, including retuning of the engine, etc. though im sure they are better quality, itd be a pain to drive all the time. reliablility as far as ive heard its not its strengths. but if i had the money it would nt stop me from buying a ferrari.


ok where i come from cruisin means 2 drive fast.


look at this 1!!!!!!



y have ferrari started making so many concepts?


I'm not sure about this Ferrari, it's not what i expected it to be. It doesn't look fast and the body doesn't seem to belong to Ferrari. I don't like it!!! :cry:

They had better models!

Greetz Ruben307


The name of the new Ferrari is Ferrari 612 Scaglietti.

I've found some information about it:

Working in Modena right at the start of Enzo Ferrari's great adventure, Sergio Scaglietti bodied some of the most beautiful cars ever to emerge from Maranello. Scaglietti wasn't a man who relied on pencil and paper to create his magnificent designs: he worked like a sculptor, fashioning their forms from aluminium. And now Luca di Montezemolo has dedicated the understated yet historically important all-aluminium 612 to the memory of that great designer .

The 612 Scaglietti is the perfect marriage of sporty thoroughbred Ferrari berlinetta performance and excellent onboard comfort for four occupants. The replacement for the highly successful 456M, the new model’s own winning combination derives from a roomy interior enhanced by significantly larger dimensions, a 60 kg reduction in weight, and a range of uncompromising design solutions.


The 612 Scaglietti’s most significant features include:

-All-aluminium space frame chassis and bodywork construction used for the very first time on a Ferrari 12-cylinder and built entirely by Ferrari at the Scaglietti light-alloy technologies facility. The result is a massive 60% increase in overall structural rigidity (rigidity-weight ratio). The 612 Scaglietti’s advanced aluminium construction also translates into improved comfort and handling, in addition to offering maximum occupant protection in the case of a collision.


-A mid-front layout with the engine mounted behind the front axle, and the gearbox and differential in unit at the rear ensure that the centre of gravity is kept as far back and as low as possible. This in turn significantly improves the car’s dynamics in terms of performance (0-100 km/h in 4.2 seconds), stability and braking efficiency, as well as delivering much nimbler handling. Excellent weight distribution (46% front, 54% rear) is enhanced by a performance-oriented handling set-up with active damping and the special CST stability and traction control system, used here for the very first time on a Ferrari.


-A 65° V12 engine with a displacement of 5748 cc which is rounded off to give the figure 6 (litres) in the 612 model designation. The V12 represents the very pinnacle of Ferrari engine design, thanks in particular to improved fluid dynamic characteristics of the intake and exhaust manifolds, generating a blistering 540 bhp at 7250 rpm. The six-speed mechanical gearbox is available with both a manual and a new generation electro-hydraulic set-up, known as the F1A, designed to marry fast manual gear shifting with comfortable automatic use.


-Designed by Pininfarina to epitomise dynamism and elegance, the 612 Scaglietti boasts characteristic scalloped sides that recall the famous 375 MM bodied by the Turin coachbuilder for Rossellini and used by Ingrid Bergman. Its thoroughbred spirit effortlessly combines with outstanding comfort and space on board, from the ease of entry for all four occupants and the notable legroom (helped by an increase in length of 139 mm compared to the 456M), to the excellent rear seating layout with extra headroom. Lastly, the overall roominess of the 612 Scaglietti is complemented by a 240-litre luggage compartment - a full 25% larger than the 456M’s - which can hold a five-piece Ferrari luggage set or two golf bags.


-The level of on-board comfort is completed with a range of new generation of ergonomic features: the instrument binnacle and steering wheel-mounted commands designed for maximum driver control, dual-zone climate control, and a Hi-End Bose sound system specifically developed for the 612 Scaglietti’s sophisticated aluminium and leather interior which can, naturally, be fully personalised on request.


Dimensions and weight

Overall length 4902 mm

Overall width 1957 mm

Height 1344 mm

Wheelbase 2950 mm

Front track 1688 mm

Rear track 1641 mm

Kerb weight 1840 kg


Front 245/45 - 18''

Rear 285/40 - 19''


Cylinders 65° V12

Bore/stroke 89 x 77 mm

Unit displacement 479 cc

Total displacement 5748 cc

Compression ratio 11.2:1

Max power 540 CV @ 7250 g/min

Max torque 60 Kgm @ 5250 g/min



Top speed >315 km/h

0-62mph acceleration 4.2 s


Yes it is a 4 seater but the car looks beautiful nonetheless.

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