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how do you

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How do I make a flame come out of my exhaust

when I shift gears?


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For starters get a hot car, cut three quarters of your exhaust system off, including the mufflers, and nail it.

Seriously, I think they have some kind of kit available for that or something. I've seen hottrodders with flaming tailpipes when they're standing still.


But I have seen people shift gears and a small

flame would shoot out. :-?:-?:-?


Just drop in a highflow exhaust (or cut it off like Cable said), put low octane fuel into your tank or somehow make your engine mis fire by increasing the compression or messing with the timing.

A engine miss fires all the time but because of the muffler you can't see the flames coming out. Ussualy when you shift up or down the timing needs a little time to adjust because of the sudden RPM change. Because it needs time to adjust it miss fire a couple of strokes. When you let go of the gaspedal at highspeeds you can feel the engine shock a little while it's decelerating, with new engines you don't have this anymore because the software compensates, this is because you suddenly cut off the fuel to the engines while it's still running in high RPM so there isn't enough fuel in there to fire. It misses a few strokes and when it finally has enough fuel most of the time it's too much.

Flames coming out your exhaust may look cool but it's one of the worste things you could do to an engine. It not only destroys your engine and exhaust system, but it also decreases performance.

Anywayz there are 6 reasons for mis firing.

1. Low quality fuel (Low octane)

2. Overfeeding (too much fuel or air)

3. Underfeeding (not enough air or fuel)

4. Sudden RPM shift (older engines or bad timing software)

5. Too high compression

6. When the car is stationary

1. Low octane fuel isn't compresable as much so the fuel combusts before time, sometimes while one of the valves is down.

2. Because there's too much fuel or air in the cylinder the cylinder missfires. When there's too much fuel in there some fuel wont ignite and will be left over for the next stroke so the next stroke there will be even more fuel in there. When the outlet cylinder goes down some fuel get's into the exhaust and if there's enough fuel in the exhaust if combusts aswell and you get another flame

When there's too much air in the cylinder the cylinder miss fires

3. Because there's too little fuel or air in cylinder the cylinder mis fires. Too little air in the cylinder results in the engine being unable to combust all the fuel so some of it is leftover and the nextstroke there's too much fuel in the cylinder.

When there's too little fuel in the cylinder the cylinder doesn't fire at all and all the fuel is left over.

4. Already explained above.

5. When the compression is too high because of a turbo (like with so many ricers) or too long stroke, the cylinder will fire before time, ussualy when one of the valves is down. Resulting in the so dreaded "knocking" which destroys your engine within a matter of minutes. When the valve is going down and the fuel combusts before time the valve is forced back up, not good. Some of the flame gets out before the valve is back up again. This works both ways, it can go out te exhaust or (if you have a open air filter) out the intake. Both are not good.

6. When your car is running stationary you can feel it shock aswell. This is because there's a minimum amount of fuel going into the engine and most of the time it isn't enough to fire, same story as above. It can also be because the engine is running such a low RPM the timing is totaly off. At higher RPM's it doesn't matter much if the timing is off by a little because everything is going so fast. At low rpm that little glitch in the timing becomes huge because of the longer timespan. Anywayz again newer engines compensate for this through their timing software.

Like you can see flames coming out your exhaust is never a good thing. It's a mark of a badly setup engine and in the long run can destroy the car. There are some scenarios where mis firing is unavoidable, even with modern day electronics. It happens all the time but we don't stop and think about it. :)


ok, surefire redneck method

what you do is disconnect the vacuum line from your fuel pressure regulator (this will enrich your mix a lot), cut your exhaust and make it a very very clear path, and then take your ignition timing and retard it so it is firing almost into the exhaust stroke. This should get you a pretty nice flame on the shift (or whenever you rev hard on it)

if that fails, just jimmy rig a fuel injector and a spark ignitor on your exhaust. THey make kits, they are super easy. They will throw a blue flame 5' long (atleast, the one i saw on this riced MX-6 did)

anyways, good luck.


And I ask you, why would you ever want todo that?! It not only burns more fuel but also decreases performance. I thought the whole idea of stickers on a MX-6 was to make it go faster!


Flames Rule! ... on old hot rods at least... and it doesnt do it constantly, only when you turn it on..


I see in racing, flames come out of the

exhaust when they shift, and it looked

kinda cool so I wanted to see how they

did that.


Ah, so it's racecars you're talking about. They have spare engines, and only have to last a season. Hows' this for flames? M3 ON A MISSION :P !



My friends "tuned" 930 did that, he took me for a ride in it and everyone kept telling us the car was on fire! I think someone else said this, but there are kits out that can make it happen. Good luck and don't burn up your bumper! :wink:

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